Life in Your Space | The Bates

6/15/2012 | Amy Tibbals
Cody & Marcus

Boy from upstate NY lives in downtown, SLC loft. Girl resides in different, downtown SLC loft. Boy seeks mid-century modern property for purchase. Girl plans to move back to Canada in a few weeks. Boy and girl bump into one another and exchange random 'hello's'. Boy and girl discover that they're next-door neighbors. Boy and girl fall in love. Duh.

Lucky for you, while falling in love with each other, adorable Jeff and Brenna also fell in love with a home they could start a life in. They spent the last 7 years creating an incredible space [and that adorable little boy, Jet], and now it can be yours [the space, not Jett]. Obviously, there's love in the air...details coming soon.


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