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Leo After Dark | Hygge

11/15/2017 | Ryan Holbrook
Leo After Dark

Date: 11/17/17
Time: 7:30 pm - 12:00 am
Location: The Leonardo (209 E 500 S)

Often cited as one of this city's most-terrific traits, seasonal weather ensures that, for a portion of the year, these briny boulevards play home to the kind of ambiance that absolutely exudes “cozy”. The logical counterparts to any bout of autumn gloom (or a particularly-biting blizzard) are, undisputedly, copious amounts of hot tea, thick socks, and good reads. 

Enter, Hygge: Arguably the most comprehensive concept of cozy, and the guiding theme of Leo After Dark’s newest installation. A Danish word, Hygge (say "hue-guh") is the linguistic embodiment of all things cable-knit-comfort and crackling-fireplace, and--most importantly--an exaltation of serene simplicity and good company. The activities slated for the Leo’s latest sunset soiree certainly follow suit with this Danish sentiment, and it's all arriving perfectly on cue with the changing weather. As always, bites, booze, and beats will be provided, along with DIY crafts, karaoke, games, and VR demos. Leo After Dark: Hygge is, once again, an invitation to cruise the museum at dusk, but this time as a space where beanies and board games abound, and any iteration of comfort reigns king. It’s all sweaters and science with this one. Bundle up and get there.

Leo After Dark: Hygge | November 17th, 7:30pm | 21+ Only


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