I'm Not a Cliche

8/8/2011 | Amy Tibbals
Cody Derrick

Still, I just put together kind of a great place.

A while back, I found a dilapidated, forgotten house in an area with potential.  Near Liberty Park, close to downtown, up-and-coming neighborhood...so I bought it.  Then I enlisted the help of my do-it-all buddy Jack; I don't care for physical labor, despite my insane attraction to a man in a pair of suspenders and work boots.

We raised the ceilings, added skylights, switched the direction of the entire staircase for a huge master bedroom and threw in some subway tile.  It worked.  It's amazing and modern.  See for yourself.

Maybe you should consider hiring me.  Then I'll sell it to you.  Win, win.

See the home completed here


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