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We've spent the last several years spilling the veritable beans on all the delicious little secrets of SLC and our neighboring cities. All the best local businesses, the tastiest spots for a bite, the architectural enclaves, and the hippest 'hoods (and with good reason...there's loads to say). So, here we are again to talk about a unique area that you may or may not be familiar with.

This is Promontory.

Located in the rolling foothills of Summit County, just across from a few of our world-class resorts, sits a private, gated community. The Promontory development has gained a bit of notoriety over the last couple decades, as folks are coming around to the idea that this is a damn-near perfect spot to have a ski/vacation home-away-from-home. For those seeking the benefits of a private community and club, this is cream-of-the-crop stuff: multiple golf courses, equestrian facilities, endless opportunities for outdoor activities, superb dining, and the like are plentiful here. 

But we'd also like to submit that this just might be the place for a full-time residence...

One "burough," in particular, inside the Promontory development has kind of stolen our hearts. Deer Crossing (or Northgate, as locals refer to it) is nestled in the north eastern hillsides, and development is a little less dense in this neck of the woods (just a touch more breathing room, that is). Still within easy reach of the freeway, 10 minutes to Rockport Reservoir, 20 minutes to Park City resorts, and about 30 minutes to downtown Salt Lake, this is hardly a commute...and well worth it for the clean air and wild serenity.

 Breathtaking views in every direction and no shortage of wildlife...

Whether you're looking for a full-service lifestyle or a simple plot of some real peace and quiet, Northgate may just be the place. Keep an eye on the website...we'll have more on this one soon.

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