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Traditionally, winter's the time to bring it in for a sort of communal group hug. It's the season of giving gifts and thanks in equal measure. It's when we're encouraged to embrace family, friends, and comfort food--because in these months of shorter days, lower temps, and leafless trees as far as the eye can see...we kind of need it.

Whether you're baking latkes, lighting your kinara, or trimming the tree, 'tis officially the holiday season.

Cultures the world over have their versions of an end-of-year hurrah as a way to celebrate sending out the old and bringing in the new. We all gather to give a dutiful hat-tip to those aulds lang syne while opening the door and ever-so-gently ushering them out. (Goodbye, 2017...it's been real.) But amid the chaos that this year was shrouded in, there's puh-lenty to be grateful for and excited about--namely change. There are few things more beautifully-overwhelming than the possibilities that January 1st brings, and we urge you to get goin' on your list of big dreams for 2018. Been thinking up downsizing? Do it. Need to upgrade? Get on it. Finally ready to pull the trigger and deck the halls in herringbone flooring? We approve.

We encourage you to get cozy.

It seems the pages of our Terrible Real Estate Photos calendar flip by faster every year, so when it comes to making your space one you love, we say don't delay. Get cozy in your home, in your 'hood, and in yourself. We're here and we're happy to help you get real comfortable, whatever that looks like for you. If you like, we can sell your space, find you a new one, and dress it to the nines. We can move you to a new 'hood or chat about what you love about your current one. We can talk market trends or we can talk big dreams. At the end of the day, we suggest snuggling in with the ones you love in the space you want to spend your days.

Happy Holidays, y'all. From our COLLECTIVE to yours.

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