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Good News, Salt Lake City...

1/10/2018 | Ryan Holbrook
Lisa Harrison

In our effort to consistently give you the proverbial skinny on all things good in SLC, we have amassed countless anecdotes that point to one key trend: businesses are setting up shop on our sublime streets at a remarkable rate. From Adobe’s minimalist, Point-of-the-Mountain digs to HSL’s new downtown spot, Salt Lake is unequivocally in the middle of a local-business boom. As a result, the cultural capital of this city is increasing exponentially.

However, this surge in all things “local-brewery” and “boutique hotel” is only part and parcel of a larger trend, the rise of a ridiculously-robust real estate market. We happen to have stumbled upon an article on Curbed yesterday ("9 Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2018") that had more of the same to say. For example, last year saw square footage in Salt Lake City--both residential and commercial--added at unprecedented rates. Tack on a job growth rate of 2.9 percent (tied for highest, nationally) and, economically speaking, we're sitting pret-ty pretty. Perhaps most telling of all, 2018 is set to bring more of the same, with the number of homes sold in the Salt Lake valley slated to increase by 4.5 percent (per Realtor.com).

The future's bright, and our COLLECTIVE fingers are crossed for nothing but well-designed developments and more diverse local spots. Our city's on the up-and-up, folks. Pair that sentiment with a real estate market that embodies fiscal-fortitude, and we'd say that snapping up your own salty pad ranks among the best ideas you've ever had. And wouldn't you know it...we can help with that.

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