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2017, huh? It's getting to be somewhat of a stale sentiment lately, but this year has been, to be frank, a bit of a shitshow. There seems to be a different disaster--either natural or at the hands of man--every other week, and we can hardly pick up a paper or open a browser without hearing about some new political malfeasance. And when we look for a distraction? Well, Hollywood's proven to be no help atall. She's been a bit busy with half a century's worth of neglected housekeeping.

No matter your political affiliation or general stance on things, we think everyone can agree that this year was one of unrest. Of turmoil, upheaval, and all-too-much tweeting. Real-life headlines seemed ripped from the pages of The Onion, and we found ourselves earnestly asking, "Is this real life?" on more than one occasion. We feel there's been enough finger-pointing and name-calling for a lifetime, and while there's still a laundry list of things that need fixin' in this great, big, beautiful [mad, mad, mad, mad] world, there's quite a lot that we love about her, too. And in the spirit of giving thanks and radiating at a high frequency and all that, we're choosing to reflect on the latter, this week. (And we hope you do, too.)

We love this city. You know this.

We love the little burroughs that make SLC, and we love all the locals that have chosen to make, bake, and create along them. We're a local business, too, so we know how hard it is. But trust us...you got this. (And to all those we haven't gotten around to shouting out yet: sit tight. We're coming for you.) Keep doing what you're doing. This city needs you.

To the people--our clients, families, friends, and from-afar readers: thank you. Thank you for inspiring us every day, and for affirming our belief--week after week, click after click--that space matters. Thank you for appreciating pretty pictures and bold words. There's a lot of noise out there in the real estate world, so thank you for choosing to dance to our tune. You are the reason we're able to do what we do, and we hope you know all of this is for you.

And to those that haven't yet become acquainted with our little COLLECTIVE: don't worry. You can count on us to be here Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to whatever-time-of-night-we-get-done. Rain or shine, hell or highwater. We'll be planted firmly at 645 E. South Temple, helping everyone that will let us to sell their homes or find new ones. We'll be telling their stories, and waxing real poetic about our affinity for this lil' chunk of the USA. We'll keep churning out positive words, and letting this little light of ours shine as far and wide as we can. Because society may be experiencing some pretty intense growing pains right now, but we just wanna soothe those aching bones.

this year's been tough. But so are we.

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