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3/23/2017 |

Fewer of our efforts encapsulate the COLLECTIVE cause better than ourĀ Find Your Space campaign. With each new ad, quarterly gracing the pages of Utah Style & Design, we bring you one of our smashing clients--someone who has utilized our real estate or design services, in some form--and the way that they are unequivocally loving where they live, and living the life they love. From the jump, our aim was to show you that yes you can live in a space that makes you your truest you, and yes that looks different for everyone. The newest addition to our COLLECTIVE campaign (Volume Thirteen!) brings you Morgan, baby Schafer, and one stunning walk-in closet. You can find the ad in print now, and our full behind the scenes story is well underway, but for now, we're bringing you just a glimpse of the gorgeous shoot.

The video, filmed and edited by our videographical dream-weaver, Pat Fenelon, features the dreamy fam at home in their (currently up for grabs) home in Federal Heights. Both the video and final ad feature Morgan comfortably breastfeeding baby Schafer, something beautiful in and of its own right, and something very near and dear to Morgan, specifically. See, Morgan is the founder and curator of BURU, an online shop whose mission it is to "help every mother, in the breastfeeding phase and beyond, look and feel her best." The shop focuses on ready-to-wear attire that is fully equipped to handle the oft-hectic day-to-day of motherhood, while lending a sense of couture (something we think Morgan happens to do with aplomb). The home, a timeless Tudor with a delightfully-modern interior, is entirely conducive to the budding family's lifestyle, and is stylistically a breath of fresh perspective. It's buttoned up while remaining fully-functional (we're sensing a theme, here). As with all of our Find Your Space ads, the real magic comes from watching our beautiful clients interact with their beautiful, perfectly-suited spaces. Because big moments are brilliant, but it's all the tiny ones that make a house "home".

Find Your Space Vol. Thirteen

Behind the Scenes, Circle Way from cityhomeCOLLECTIVE on Vimeo.

CHC client, Morgan, and baby Schafer in our most recent behind the scenes video for our Find Your Space ad campaign. Video by Pat Fenelon.






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