Dwell on Design | Get Galvanized

11/8/2012 | Amy Tibbals

I learned a bit of something at the Dwell on Design Convention in Los Angeles some months ago; putting yourself in places where you're easily inspired is the key to contentment. It was a mind-wobbling treat to be surrounded by the newest, shiniest, and best of motion-sensor faucets, brightly-enameled kitchen sinks, and top-o'-the-line Airstreams. That said, it was also a sly reminder of why I love the original versions of all of those things. Inspiration doubled. Solar-paneled carports and tiny-but-incredible pre-fab houses aren't recent concepts, but a fresh take on anything is always a spark for animation. It wasn't necessarily about the specifics [though, they were impressive, too], but rather the process of being wholly immersed in a world of passionate creation. Geeking out with like-mindeds is a win. So, we say, find your inspiration and go to there. Do it quickly and often. Be it the hills, the city, the park, a class, a space, or a convention of your choosing...get inspired, then act accordingly.


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