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There is little in this world as satisfying as seeing clients live happily in the spaces that we’ve spent months--sometimes years--helping to create. Design is a collaborative effort. We work with our clients to design a space that represents that which they love, what they value, and who they are. If we can land on something that unequivocally makes them feel supported, then we've successfully done what we set out to do. And it's precisely why we do what we do. Fittingly then, we were all a bit eager (quite possibly a bit too eager) to partake in the joys of a finished design job. We paid our delightful clients, Pete and Connie White, an evening visit to sip wine and celebrate the completion of a light remodel in their gorgeous Stephen MacDonald-designed home in Millcreek.

Open. Airy. Warm. Devotional.

When the Whites approached us to help round out the interior design in their space, we were thrilled and honored. This is true mid-century architecture, and to us, it felt akin to a sanctuary. Case in point: there is not a spot in the home that doesn’t beckon to the outside, from the stone walls and fireplace in the living room to the walls of windows that line the living and dining areas, den, and main suite. Nothing more than a pane of glass to separate you from nature--and yet, a feeling throughout of cozy protection. No space so large that you feel too exposed. Throughout the years, they've made tasteful, well-thought-out additions to create a well-rounded home. Open. Airy. Warm. Devotional. While the additions and landscaping are synchronous with the original architecture, however, Pete and Connie felt that they could use a bit of rounding out with the interior furnishings. And this is where we came in. They'd acquired a few pieces over time that were one-of-a-kinds, and we wanted to work those into the scope of the project. Beyond that, however, our choice took a turn that many may not expect in design: rather than adding furniture, we pared down much of it, in order to let the house itself have a stronger presence. Some mid-century pieces were introduced, as well as a few design touches that nodded respectfully in the direction of the era.


A light-filled reading nook came to life... 

We chose to complement an existing, stunning Tibetan rug in their living room (purchased from local Foothill Rugs) with an original Knoll sofa that was re-upholstered in a rich, blue velvet. An original, Italian Alanda coffee table (by Paolo Piva) squared off the living space, and we added to new wing chairs by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn. Additionally, we reupholstered a daybed that would go in front of the fireplace in a dark, saddle-brown leather. A light-filled reading nook came to life with a blue grasshopper lamp by Gubi and vintage Moroccan Kilim in combination with the existing black Eames Lounge.

 It's not just any home. It's their home.

In order to maintain a richness in the overall design, we strayed a touch from mid-century (not too far, mind you) and chose green-marble end tables from Ferm living, a batik-wrapped African bench, and an antique Asian credenza in the family room. Finally, in an effort to offset the folded-linen lamp (by PINCH) over the dining room table, we painted the back wall of the space a dark, greenish-black. Ultimately, we wanted a feeling of layered inclusiveness. Never one-note. And while none of our changes in the White home were substantial, the transformation itself felt pretty profound. It's not just any home. It's their home.

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