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Design Week | "Placemakers"

9/24/2018 | Ryan Holbrook
Salt Lake Design Week

Perpetually among our favorite seven-day periods, SLC Design Week is right around the corner and, following suit with years past, they’re whipping up events and promoting speakers that are as enticing as they are creative. 

this year’s opening party is titled “Placemakers”...

Is a celebration of the populace that comprises Salt Lake’s creative community, and the party is intended to bring more people--from a diverse set of design-related endeavors--into the fold. In addition to fostering conversation and collaboration between this city’s finest and most fashionable, “Placemakers” is also shaping up to be one veritable hell of a time. Avenues Prom Committee (who makes our hearts swell and toes tap in equal measure), will be supplying the tunes, and Nice & Easy Bartending will be whipping up the cocktails (think: gimlets, French 75s, and the like). But sips and songs aside, the visuals should be equally exceptional thanks to a paper mural--a collab effort between Design Week and The Blocks Truck--and a video art installation depicting Utah’s varying elements.  

Beyond “Placemakers”, Design Week is also packing the calendar with inspirational, educational content throughout. There will be studio tours of creative businesses from around the city and panels aplenty, including one hosted by our own wildly-talented cityhomeDESIGN team right here at the COLLECTIVE HQ (details here). Additionally, they’ve lined up a stand-out keynote speaker in NYC based graphic designer and author Chip Kidd. In the words of Design Week director Alysha Smith, “[Kidd’s] groundbreaking book jacket designs for Alfred A. Knopf has elevated form for close to three decades, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring in one of the most famous book designers to date”. Kidd will be waxing sentimeantal on "book jackets I have known and loved" at the Adobe building from 6:00 to 9:00pm on Wednesday, October 3rd. Our suggestion? You get your tickets now.

Head to Design Week’s site for more specifics on all the inventive happenings set to go down.

And, keep reading for aforementioned director Alysha Smith’s thoughts on the upcoming agenda…

“Placemakers” is an interesting moniker. Can you tell us a little bit about why that’s the theme you landed on?

I took on Design Week last year with the goal of bringing together the design community. We had a broader reach than in years past, but I felt like this year we could do even better. In the initial planning stages, I invited all of the local organizations involved with design—such as graphic, environmental, architecture, landscape, interior, fashion, product—to help me plan this year’s theme and the events. Together, we felt like we could reach and involve more of our community if we focused on honoring our beautiful city and the people that have helped and continue to help create and define it. After all, “this is the place!”

Not to push you to play favorites, but is there a presentation/workshop/speaker that you're particularly excited for? Are there specific ones that people should really be looking forward to?

We are really looking forward to our opening party at The Gateway, and we feel like this will set the tone and energy for the week. Like last year, we will also be organizing studio tours, and, because we of a huge spike in interest, those will now span three days and are set to include a really diverse spectrum of design disciplines and agencies.

Can you give us your quick take on SLC’s creative community? What excites you about it? Where might it have room to grow?

Salt Lake’s creative community is not to be dismissed—it’s growing every year in talent and competition. Plus, it’s exciting to see everyone come together every year during Design Week. There are so many opportunities to network, learn from each other's talents and strengths, see the work that has been created this year, and be inspired. The Design Week website is growing each day with new events constantly added. We suggest you mark your calendar and make Design Week the best part of your year. 

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