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Salt Lake City Design Week is back for another seven-day stint, and is set to doll out all manner of design-related rarities. Think: killer keynotes, damn-good demos, and two paper-centric parties (more on those later) that are slated to bookend Design Week with just a dash of debauchery.

From architecture to app development, graphics to gorgeous garb, The selection should prove to be equal parts irresistible and inspiring.

Party number one, aptly titled “Prints and Pints” is primed to kick off the week in fine fashion. Co-hosted by AIGA and The Mandate Press, the art show features “themed prints designed by 20 amazing artists,” and attendees can count on brews, bites, and ice-cream bars (courtesy of the fine folks over at Nice & Easy Bartending, Spice Kitchen, and Normal Ice Cream). The schedule for the rest of the week features two workshops hosted by the insanely innovative minds over at Adobe, a group installation led by Galeano Creative and FFKR Architects, a screening of “Design Disruptors,” a paper design competition called “Paper Jam”, and a talk by designer extraordinaire Meg Lewis about “leveraging your differences to create a career, and life, mission.”

Which brings us to party number two. The end of week soiree, delightfully-dubbed “Haute Sheet,” is focused on channeling the abundance of ingenuity possessed by this fine city’s creatives into one crucial medium: paper (and attendees are encouraged to incorporate the stuff into their attire). Here, the winners of Paper Jam will be announced, the Strathmore Dress will be on display in all its papery-prestige, Spyhop is whipping up some “colorful abstract animations” to be played during the party, and the SLC Photo Collective is running a photo booth to capture your couture in all its stationery goodness. Most importantly, “Haute Sheet” is a chance to celebrate all the creative endeavors our Salty City has going on. Click here to visit the website for details.

Aesthetic-innovation abounds here…
let’s raise a glass.


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