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14th Annual Damn These Heels Film Festival

7/10/2017 | Katie Bald

Date: 07/14/17-07/16/17
Time: Varies by title
Location: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center (138 Broadway)

The only LGBT film festival in Utah, DTH is "a safe, supportive environment that empowers historically marginalized LGBT voices and facilitates discussions crucial to inspiring positive social change"--a cause that happens to be particularly near and dear to our hearts. This year marks the 14th for DTH, and the lineup is shaping up to be as fab as ever. Movie times range from mid-morning to late-night, so even nine-to-fivers can partake. Head to the link below to peruse the featured films and get your tickets. Then dust off your favorite pumps--let's go to the movies.

Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival | July 14th - July 16th

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