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Concrete might very well be the most foundational material of the past 100+ years. Functionally speaking, its the backbone of almost every building and bridge the world over. A utilitarian’s dream, basically. But, the same material can also yield some pretty stellar results when crafted with a more aesthetic end goal in mind.

It's precisely the artistic angle that Concrete Shop West takes when working with the coagulate in question. Because, as quick and easy as it can be to shape, owner Brian Southers prefers they take a more purposeful approach. "We go over every inch of our pieces by hand,” spending the requisite time “to bring out the beauty hiding in the concrete.”

This process of bringing out concrete’s innate attractiveness largely revolves around the patina that forms on the surface of each finished piece. And, while every dimension and edge up until that point is fastidiously measured, Brian’s crew takes a more hands-off approach here. They set the parameters for where the finished look will fall on a scale of rustic to minimal...aside from that, the formation of a finished surface is entirely organic. Translation: every project strikes a solid balance between the appeal of precision and the delicacy of contingency.

"In [any] case, the finished piece is completely unique."

With offerings ranging from vanities and countertops, to tables, to fireplaces, and beyond, Concrete Shop West has a solid range of capabilities. And, everything they create is sure to be distinctly elegant and meticulously made.

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