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3/29/2013 | Amy Tibbals

We're in somewhat of a unique position here at the COLLECTIVE. What, with our undying love for our city and all, we make it a point to get 'out' to as many events as possible. Yes, we're undoubtedly missing some top-drawer stuff [we fully intend to change that], but we're doing what we can. All told, we find our SLC-loving selves at some pretty cool sh*t, and we think you should be there, too. To that end, we're launching the COLLECTIVE Calendar, and you might want to take a gander. It's a simple, clean, clickable news flash is all; we channel our connections, pick a dandy happening, and post for your perusing. Gallery strolls, artist shows, musical fun times, wine pairings, food tastings, museum openings...whatever. If we're stoked to go, we'll let you know. Click here to find your next tasty meal/inspiring moment/good time.

Calendar-Feature-PhotoSalt-Lake-City-Event-Calendar-Culture-Activities-1 BDP Studio | Open House-3Tamara-Takashi-SLC-Local-Sushi-Restaraunt-47Salt-Lake-City-Event-Calendar-Culture-Activities-2 Salt-Lake-City-Event-Calendar-Culture-Activities-3 Salt-Lake-City-Event-Calendar-Culture-Activities-5 Tamara-Takashi-SLC-Local-Sushi-Restaraunt-wineSalt Lake City Mid-Century Modern Remodel | The Ron Molen Revival-28Salt-Lake-City-Event-Calendar-Culture-Activities-6Salt-Lake-City-Culture-Its-Fall-Yall-9


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