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By now we hope you’re all familiar with (and fans of) one of our favorite, local, living-legend-type architects. Chris Price builds homes up in the mountains of Summit Park that are both passive solar and architecturally stunning. If Chris gets his way, this will be a neighborhood known for its forward-thinking designs and extra-light carbon footprint. And we sincerely hope Chris gets his way…

 Meet Chris’s latest masterpiece: Treehaus.

The site had been dubbed “unbuildable,” but Chris decided to rethink the lot’s complexities in a way that ended up shaping the architecture for the better. The steepness of the land inspired him to design a series of cubed masses that float and twist up the site, creating opportunities for a functional deck space, rooftop terraces, and a very dynamic build.

Chris and his team employed both Passiv Haus (the approach of building a super tight, highly-insulated envelope to minimize the energy needed to heat/light/live in) and Passive Solar principles (utilizing southerly exposure, and thermal mass and orientation for optimum energy efficiency). At 3,500 sq. ft., Treehaus will be a remarkable mountain refuge for anyone with a penchant for solace and views (and doesn’t mind a few stairs). “T”s are currently being crossed and “i”s dotted, but you can expect to be see more of this space in coming months.

(And those looking to call it their own would do well to watch this space for details…)

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