C.G. Sparks' Soul

12/6/2011 | Amy Tibbals
Cody Derrick

C. G. Sparks provides "furniture with soul" in a space with the same. They run a tight ship with a delicate balance:  the crew at C.G. is what gets me in the door, the amazing furniture keeps me there, and the parties keep me coming back for more (think wine, cheese and decidedly-apropos soul music).

My taste tends to be eclectic, old and organic, with a need for uniqueness. Most of the pieces in the huge Sparks' warehouse fit the bill. I've fallen in love with a bench (formerly a writing desk for school kids) and an armoire from India; after a far-and-wide search for something shallow and unique enough for spots in my old loft, I nabbed both pieces on the spot. Two of my favorite elements at home, today.

The C. G. Sparks mantra speaks to truth and utility; "As furniture is always seen first, it must visually spark something in the imagination or soul. A product has to be able to fulfill a purpose. It has to be able to function in a space." I concur. Said simply, your stuff makes my space work better.

Check out the armoire and the bench (6th photo down) from C.G. Sparks in a couple of my past homes.

C.G. Sparks | 454 South 500 West | 801.901.0142


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