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Allies Dinner 2018 | Wake The Hive

10/10/2018 | Katie Bald

As politics have been at sort of an unrelenting fever-pitch the last year, we find ourselves COLLECTIVELY searching for any means to gather and get wild in the name of love and positivity--you know, to restore faith in humanity and whatnot. If you ask us, there are few things more self-evident (or bipartisan, for that matter) than the notion of equal rights for all. And as we near the end of 2018, it seems a bit nonsensical that so many citizens are still on the short end of the equality stick, but luckily for all of us, Equality Utah is one of our stately champions working for the equal rights of LGBTQ folks and their families statewide. One fabulous way you can help contribute to the worthy cause? The annual Allies Dinner.

This year's theme is Wake The Hive.

The fab yearly fete is set to have more sensational appearances than you can shake a folding silk hand fan at, and 2018's speakers include CNN political analyst and co-host of ABC's The View, Ana Navarro, as well as Imagine Dragons frontman (and founder of local LOVELOUD festival), Dan Reynolds. Honorees include student activists from March for Our Lives SLC and Senator Jim Dabakis, and there are even set to be a few glittering performances by star of Broadway's Kinky Boots, Tyler Glenn and RuPual's Drag Race All-Star queen, Shangela (halleluuuu!). To make matters even more big-hearted, funds raised at this year's dinner go toward Equality Utah's work at the Utah Legislature in 2019 as well as with the Governor's Youth Suicide Task Force. It's a high-brow, fun-filled night that's sure to give a very worthy platform to some very important issues.

These are matters that matter folks. Don't miss it.

Purchase tickets here.

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