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Christmas Art Adoption

  • December 4, 2013


    Another Art Adoption is here, and it happens to be the Christmas special, folks. The 3rd Annual, even. That means so many good things: 1) You have yet another opportunity to purchase local artists’ works. 2) You can purchase them knowing that 100% of the money will go right back into said artists’ pockets. 3) You can get some of your most stellar and thoughtful shopping out of the way while visiting with your homies, sipping wine/beer, and having a super good time. Next Saturday, the 14th, make your merry way to this function of all things sensational. Christmas Art Adoption is big fun. We never miss it.

    As ever, organizer and coolest guy ever, Josh Scheuerman, has arranged for good things to happen for others, as well. Non-perishable food items and new or gently-used clothes are welcome, all of which will go to support Utah’s Food Bank and the Homeless Youth Resource Center. Any additional proceeds/donations will support Warm Buddies. Invite anyone you like, then have them do the same. We’re telling you to get there. You should always heed the COLLECTIVE word.

    Saturday, December 14th | 7:00pm to 11:00pm | Signed & Numbered, 2320 S West Temple




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