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CG Sparks | Get it Online

  • March 31, 2016


    In our COLLECTIVE desire–nay, need–over the years to tell you about (and dole online applause to) those local spots in our city worth loving, we’ve touched on plenty of stellar businesses, people, and spaces in Salt Lake. And, since we’ve been doing said shouting for several years now, many of those are buried in this, our fantastic website. So allow us to reintroduce one such business…

    We started talking about CG Sparks in 2011 (see here), and we think it’s high time we give you all a reminder of sorts. This is the local joint that’s been peddling one-off furniture with soul to anyone with good taste and a keen eye. Those of us in the COLLECTIVE realm have, in fact, found many of our favorite pieces–both for our office and our homes–here. And while the brick-and-mortar portion of CG closed at the end of 2015 (single tear rolls slowly down cheek), the operation is still going strong, albeit in a slightly different format.

    The CG Sparks model is now a strictly web-based one, and we have a feeling it will bode well, what with everything being done via the internet these days (see: buying shoes, finding a soulmate, hunting for homes). Customers have the option to browse newly-built, modern-influenced, and the occasional really blazing antique on the CG website, then have it shipped directly to home sweet home. Or, for those that hate waiting (we’re staring squarely in the mirror here), they also have a customer pick-up option. Translation: find it online, buy it, get it now, love where you live, etc. (see how easy that was?) What’s more, they’re currently in the midst of a spring sale of sorts–everything in the online shop for 20% off through April 6th. Just click the link below to start looking, pop in the code (‘springfor20′), and you’re well on your way. Online shopping + Salt Lake joints = local love. Get into it.

    CG Sparks (furniture with soul) | Facebook | Instagram | 801.519.6900

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