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Calling All Interior Designers!

  • July 7, 2015


    Here’s the thing: when you obsess like we do over the facets of each and every space you come upon–when you focus this heavily on how the design of a place makes you feel–you’re bound to make it a daily practice. The cityhomeCOLLECTIVE Design Division is a-buzz with new projects all over this city; commercial, residential, large, and small, we’re doing all we can to help our friends and clients love where they live, relish in their workspaces, and aspire to create that which perfectly suits them. Good people of SLC are craving thoughtful design in all its forms, and if we’re going to keep up (which we fully intend to do), then it’s time that we add some talent to our beloved fold.

    We’re seeking those who have a similarly-dogmatic approach to design: it’s only everything, after allIf you agree that the place you lay your head at night can vastly affect how you feel when you open your eyes the next morning, then ring us up, ’cause we whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment. To be clear, we need designers who get it. Those with a holistic approach and a style that hearkens to our own. We need the kind of collaborators who see the devil in the showroom and sweet, rakish virtue in eccentricity.

    Below are a few examples of work we’ve done in this city, and we’re seeking experienced designers to help us do more of the same. Email lauren@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com with your resume and examples of work you’ve done. Fingers crossed, we’ll be blown away by your sensational portfolio and sparkling personality, and you’ll soon be making magic under the umbrella COLLECTIVE.

    finca-design-32jensen-design-project-18 cody-staging-story-21 Eastwood_6784 DSC_2837fire finca-design-59westgate-sin-honey-1-2 ER★CA_PalletSignature_1200 Millstream_Design-3 CHCoffice-14 bateman-home-design-19




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