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Broadway Loft | Hip, Hip…

  • November 27, 2013


    A while back, we took an evening to sip good wine and gaze out a wall of windows with the lovely couple below. Dave and Lisa are a fine pair; they’ve led a life as well-traveled as it is interesting, and they’ve got some savory stories to prove it. We like a whole lot about the two of them, but one of our favorite things is the direction they’re headed with the spaces in their life. Before the drool-worthy casa you see below, they shacked up in a home of several thousand square feet. Once their kids left the sizable nest, Dave and Lisa did some major downsizing, and they’re planning to do it again. Applause, applause…applause. Bigger isn’t always better. This space sold in a big hurry, and we wish these two adorable kids all the best of luck in their upcoming endeavors. Hip, hip, hooray, Dave and Lisa!




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