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Breathe Utah | Read. Click. Give.

  • November 25, 2015


    We’ve mentioned the good that Breathe Utah is doing before. Early this year, in the midst of a light-but-nevertheless-existent inversion, our own Darby Doyle chatted up the gals heading up the effort on the steps of the capitol. As Darby so eloquently put it, “…juxtaposed to every cackling hand-wringing mustache twirling antagonist, there are ready and willing white knights fighting the good fight. Since we always prefer a happy ending over going to bed with nightmares, we’re COLLECTIVELY glad that the smart and dedicated folks of Breathe Utah have been gallantly and persistently chipping away at the monolithic dread induced by our crappy air and the myriad contributors to it. That they have done so for the past five years since their founding with logic, science, and collaboration integrated into their mission gives them gold stars and bonus points in our book… Kind of like working on puzzle with a gazillion little pieces by fitting the edges together first, and extrapolating from the known to the unknown parts of the picture to nail it, they use scientific research to find workable and reasonable solutions to complicated problems. And they’re getting results.” A thousand rounds of applause, too. This is the kind of work our state can’t do without.

    And so, to that end, we decided to include Breathe Utah in our Read. Click. Give. Thanksgiving efforts. Our hope here is that you see a cause that strikes you, give it a read, and make a simple click on the links we’ve given to donate however you can. Should you feel strongly that our air could use some fixing (we all do, right?), then this is the time to step up. Lucky for you, there are some pretty easy ways to do just that.

    As always, donations are welcome, and the link below will take you directly to the page where you can choose your amount and make a one-time tax deductible donation. If you’d rather give time than money, well that’s just super. Click the “volunteer” link below to see the ways in which you can help out (such as campaign planning, conducting surveys, and grant writing, among many others). For the holiday season, they’ve also got one real easy way for you to champion the cause: from now through January 18th, bring your reusable bag to the Cottonwood Heights Whole Foods, and all bag credits will go to Breathe Utah. It’s a fantastic way to get yourself in the habit of bringing your reusable bag all the time…plus you’ll be doing some good. Get in on it, friends. ‘Tis the season.

    Donate | Volunteer

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