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BPD Studios | Open House

  • November 28, 2012


    We’re social butterflies, so we COLLECTIVELY love the holiday season for its abundance of cordial gatherings. How delightful, then, that BPD Studios — a gang that the COLLECTIVE’s Chad Rawlins recently helped to find a new office downtown — invited us to their open house. It’s a really rad space [we considered making it our own office headquarters, in fact], so we’re pleased to see it in the hands of a talent-laden and handsome group of folks. BPD Studio’s owner, Brian Smith, and his creative team run a multi-faceted commercial photography studio, and the space suits their business well, no doubt. We particularly loved that we got to enjoy a gallery exhibit of their own work and a bit of deliciously-live music provided by assistant, Kelly Moyle [who also plays fairly often around town]. Job really well done, BPD, and many thanks for the invite. It’ll come around.

    For more info on BPD Studios click here



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