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Blooms & Co.

  • February 11, 2013


    Brynn Larsen is the owner and one-woman band behind local downtown flower joint, Blooms and Co. It’s a far cry from the norm; you’ll find none of that generic, tele-floral nonsense up in here. Brynn’s fine art degree, posh-punk style, and passion for her craft are conveyed via some lovely and daring arrangements. She mustered the courage to start her own shop after years at a big law firm, and it’s pretty clear that she’s found the right spot. The shop is loaded with floral works of art, vases, and plenty of one-offs you need for your home. Her work and space speak loudly to the notion that she loves what she does, and we like that. Go for a visit. Good for a simple gesture, good for a big event…obviously good for a valentine.

    Blooms and Co. | 357 S. 200 E. | Parking along the south wall




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