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Virginia Ulibarri virginia@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Virginia is an integrator of people, places and things. Stated simply, she delights in connection. Experience in legal and management provide the platform for function, but solid backgrounds in architecture/drafting and interior design lend fresh perspective and a creative click in her efforts at the COLLECTIVE. Virginia’s inspired by any built environment that fuses balance, form and beauty. As an agent here, she’s able to satisfy a personal desire to connect the folks with a space they love, be it purchased or rented. Passion infused with lattés yields a potent combination.
Virginia Ulibarri

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Caffe Niche

The exterior is appealing, to be sure – modern, steel panels against vintage, red brick, gaping windows and a lovely, covered patio for the warmer months. As trusted, the interior is equally engaging – industrial meets modern meets botanical…meets local art. The Caffe Niche


Tower Theatre

Tower Theatre is equal parts charm and history. As the oldest operating theater in Salt Lake, it’s seen changes in facade, ownership and equipment since it’s 1921 inception. In 2001, the theatre was resurrected by the brother/sister team of Paul and Kris Liacopoulos, co-founders