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On Shopping | A COLLECTIVE Guide

You won’t find us patronizing the gluttony that is Black Friday this year. COLLECTIVELY, we’re not into camping outside big-box stores, nor are we exhilarated by the idea of a stampede at the entrance of Kohl’s. But we do love the shopping and the


London Calling | Specialty Cocktail

Everyone lurves a tasty cocktail. And — since it can be a full-time job to keep your guests’ glasses full and their pallets’ pleased — it’s helpful to have an ace or two up your liquor-dealing sleeve. I can whip up a mean adult


Progressive Dining | Park City

With a slew of top-notch dining establishments in our own fine city, hoofing it up to the neighbor’s for a bite usually seems unnecessary, especially since Park City is used to entertaining tourists and their affinity for the higher price tag. Folks, shoulder season


Craft Lake City | DIY Festival

Shit don’t get more local than this, people. All of Salt Lake’s ridiculously-talented crafters, artisans, performers, food vendors, and DIY engineers are taking over the downtown Gallivan Center for the 5th annual Craft Lake City. This is a well-rounded festival created not only to


Utah Green Homes Tour

Times are a changin’…and the sad truth is that much of our environmental resources cannot be sustained at the current rate of consumption. Sustainability will only be impacted positively by innovative thinking — finding more ways to design and live more efficiently, that is.


Taste of the Wasatch | Help Hunger

COLLECTIVELY speaking, we enjoy tempting you all with a good time. If partaking in food and drink in the land of our incredible mountains is not enough to do it, we’ll play the “it’s for a good cause” card to help persuade. Taste of


One Beautiful Meal

The benefits of the farm-to-table movement run beyond a solid Portlandia skit. There are countless reasons to support the effort, including benefits to health, environment, and local farmers, to name a few. Truth told, it’s gaining loads of momentum and all the cool kids


Bullets & Belles | Exit

If you’re out of the loop that is the local music scene, allow us to pull you back in; friends, we give you Bullets & Belles. This local trio skillfully dishes what they’ve dubbed “neo-doo-wop-folk”, and it’s good and ripe for the listening [go


West Elm | DIY Canning Workshop

When SLC’s West Elm location became the very first store nationwide to get down with locals, we gave the scoop. Since the grand opening, they’ve created an in-store shop that features the local artists of Etsy and participants of Craft Lake City, but their


Lynn Blodgett | Lords of the Sky

Lynn Blodgett is a COLLECTIVE client and talented Salt Lake local. And, oh, we get all tingly and proud when our locals nab some national [and well-deserved] attention. As one might rightly guess, this isn’t a first for Lynn in his varied photography accomplishments.


Mountainside Wine + Dine

It’s a beautiful thing when passionate foodies and willing winos [we're both] join forces for an evening of consumption in the great outdoors. We mentioned last week that Wasatch Mountain Table Dining Series takes place sporadically throughout the summer at Solitude Mountain Resort. Given


Wasatch Mountain Table

We made mention last week how silly it would be for you not to get out and enjoy our mountains. That said, hiking’s not for everyone. If you hate the way you look in hiking boots, not to worry — we’ve been alerted to