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Sarah McNamara sarah@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Sarah McNamara is a student of the world and an educator of its occupants. Prior to getting her real-estate license and joining our COLLECTIVE movement, she spent nine years in the realm of education, both as a teacher and counselor. As such, we’ve found Sarah to be a refreshing blend of imagination, resourcefulness, and patience--a triple threat that will lend itself quite judiciously to the home-buying and -selling processes. For this spitfire, the principal enterprise is giving each and every client an advocate. Add to that her penchant for finding the perfect fit, and you’ve got crucial conditions for a smooth transaction.
Sarah McNamara

More From Sarah McNamara

Encircle | No Sides, Only Love

Part of what makes Salt Lake City (and America, herself, for that matter) so great is diversity. Few things warm our COLLECTIVE hearts more than watching someone be unapologetically themselves, and to see that someone accepted and embraced by their community. Now, more than


Provo | You Oughta Go

Provo. P Town. BYU Land. Whatever you want to call her, our little neighbor to the south is well worth your attention. Yes, we love our home base: Salt Lake City is a fave spot on the map for reasons too many to count,


The Weekenders | Sundance Resort

As fall starts to peek her cheeky face ’round summer’s corner, we thought it the perfect opportunity to bring you along for another rendition of the Weekenders. You all know the drill–we pack up our ride with the needed gear and head to some


Cactus & Tropicals | Green with Envy

Our love for locally-owned businesses runs deeeep. Being one ourselves, we know the beautiful struggle, and doling hugs to those brightening our city and bettering its skyline, so to speak, is something we’re always happy to do. We’ve been loving on Cactus & Tropicals


Debonair on Blair | Life in Your Space

Front porch living is kind of where it’s at right now. Long, hot summer months call for fresh air, slowing down, and sipping whatever makes you happy and cool. And an adorable front porch is just one of many fantastic details that this cutie-pie


ASLA | Your Environment, Designed

Sometimes good design can go relatively unnoticed…especially as it relates to its natural environment. But, thankfully, there are those that pay attention to it, nonetheless. Landscape architecture is a thoughtful and intentional guide through outdoor spaces that greatly shapes the way you interact with


Tender Lovin’ Blair

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: South Salt Lake Property Profile: 912 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: By now, you’ve seen the kind of summertime shindigs that can be had in this place. Functional? Yup. Adorable? Oh, you betcha. And at last, the time has


1840 West Temple

List Price: Sold Agent: Sarah McNamara Neighborhood: Ballpark Sold Date: June, 2016


871 Coatsville Ave

List Price: Sold Agent: Sarah McNamara Neighborhood: Sugar House Sold Date: April, 2016


3723 S Gowan Ln

List Price: Sold Agent: Sarah McNamara Neighborhood: South Salt Lake Sold Date: February, 2016


Movin’ On Up | Rooftop Dr

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Midvale Property Profile: 1,357 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: So you say you’re on the hunt for something sweet, modern, and ultra convenient. You’re looking for extra style–hold the maintenance. Might we then, perhaps, suggest a


415 8th Ave

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Avenues Agent: Sarah McNamara Sold Date: December, 2015

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