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Monica Dennis md@cityhomecollective.com 801.623.9422 Monica Dennis is as tenacious as she is accomplished. A self-described “pragmatic in practice, idealist at heart," we find her to be a breath of fresh perspective at any rate. She is astutely interested in the experiences that make up an individual’s narrative...precisely why she fits into our humble COLLECTIVE so felicitously. A degree in philosophy from the University of Utah lends a honed set of people skills, and MD's real-estate efforts balance out nicely with a slew of management skills from her past. Add to that a passion for setting folks up with their undeniable match in a home, and you’ve just found your agent.
Monica Dennis

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On 1200 East | Get Rent

List Price: Rented Neighborhood: Gilmer Park Property Profile: 2,900 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: We count this home an upstanding member of our best of list for Salt Lake City homes. Entirely redone and dressed to the nines, this one has maintained


Life In Your Space | Inside & Out

At cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, we love our clients, and it should go without saying that we love their houses, too. So when we get the opportunity to spend some time with both–well, shoot–we’re all set for an evening in. This particular Holladay casa is sporting both


spaDAY | Say ‘Aaah’…

There are perks of loving where you work. Fantastic coworkers, a beautiful work space, and stellar clients are but a few–but, of course, there is the downside, as well (see: 15-hour workdays, and eating most meals either at a desk or in a car).


Heber Farm | Life in Your Space

This property is–in just a few words–an absolute home away from home. Yes, we’ve admittedly got a thing for charming homes on a few acres of Mother Nature’s good stuff that entice us to drop everything and start living that #farmlife. But, who doesn’t?


A Little Love on Layton

List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: South Salt Lake Property Profile: 994 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: A recent remodel (permits were pulled an’ errything) has breathed new life into this cozy, little cottage on Layton Ave., and we think she’s all


Comstock | Life in Your Space

It’s unlikely that you missed it when we posted this listing last week. You know, the one with the unbelievable pool and the equally unbelievable valley view from said pool. But on the off chance that a few of you did accidentally hit snooze


Greener Pastures | Heber Home

List Price: Off Market Neighborhood: Heber Property Profile: 1,276 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: Between the lot of us, we’ve traveled this globe a time or two. We’ve been all over the map, and we’ve yet to find a spot we


Charm & Disarm | Sugar House

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Sugar House Property Profile: 1,802 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: Oh, a bungalow in Sugar House with plenty of character and tons of natural light just happens to be on your dream-home wish list? What a coincidence.


City Spot + Country Feel = Home

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Central City Property Profile: 1,477 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This charming little number wrote the book on curb appeal–we’re talking story-book cute here. Full of intact character, but there are plenty of upgrades throughout, too. We’ll start with


Turn Your Love Around

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Ballpark Property Profile: 1,862 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: Getting a touch of déjà vu? Like, the good kind? Makes sense. We sold this little number not so long ago, and it was in need of little more than


Comstock Circle | A Splash of Luxury

List Price: Off Market Neighborhood: Cottonwood Canyon Property Profile: 5,150 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 5 bath Our Opinion: This home is essentially the ideal, year-round stay-cation spot, and we’re ready to sign on the dotted line. Perched ideally at the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon,


Premier Condo | No. 5

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 600 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: We love this little place nearly as much as the we adore the owners who have made it their very own. Character in spades, this one, and we’ll