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Place of Worship | Dee Wilson

COLLECTIVELY speaking, we tend to live for moments in spaces; small chunks of life wherein we experience an environment that leaves an impression. If you’re paying attention, it may bite with some frequency, actually. A stirring space makes you feel. It inspires you to


Elemente on Pierpont

Elemente has been an establishment in Salt Lake City for nearly as long as I’ve been alive. In fact, we share a birth year [1988].  It makes good sense, then; when I ventured through the front door, I felt like I was nose to


Dan Christofferson | Big Cartel

Dan Christofferson is a locally-raised artist and proud Salt Lake missionary; that is to say, he’s got an unwavering dedication to ‘selling’ SLC as the creative and cultural hub that we are. It’s a task he says is getting easier, due, likely, to his


Place of Worship | The Roberta Sugden House

Anyone familiar with SLC’s architectural culture has undoubtedly admired the work and legacy of John Sugden [1922-2003]. Mr. Sugden could easily be the most intensely complex cocktail of prestigious education, apprenticeship, and design philosophy that Salt Lake has ever seen. Born in Chicago, where


The Ron Molen Revival

List Price: Sold | November 2012 Agent: Cody Derrick Dear Neighbors, We’d like to COLLECTIVELY introduce the next-door neighbor you never knew. Over 2,000 sq. ft. of Ron-Molen design [and Wally build] in a lovely ‘hood with sensational views. Glass cracked, carpet soured, and


24 and 9 | Designed Modern

 List Price: Sold Out Neighborhood: Sugarhouse Property Profile: 2,600 sq. ft. (advertised at 1,800 sq. ft. finished) | Floor plans catered to buyer Our Opinion: The thought behind the design and function of these 3 townhouses is, we think, a work of genius. A


11th Ave Remodel

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: The Avenues Property Profile: 4,875 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 4 bath | Unfinished basement Our Opinion: Hell yes, we say. Salt Lake’s modern-home community is thriving. Our friend, Spencer Janke, of Utah Cribs is the one to thank for


Life in Your Space | The Hornungs

This fetching little family is currently inhabiting one of the most ideal live/work spaces in SLC. Mike and Elisha have lived, loved, and designed in this home; baby included, they’ve created something worth seeing, no question. Calling all creatives:  a 1,200 sq. ft. workshop


Place of Worship | Imbue’s Concrete Curve

Neighborhood: Sugarhouse Architect: Imbue Design Builder: Benchmark Modern Our Opinion: Imbue is breathing choice design all through the streets of SLC, precisely as needed, and we’re COLLECTIVELY and completely on board. Their modern homes are popping up with increased frequency, and every last structure


Zuriick Summer Party

Zuriick is throwing a party. You should go. The reasons are, like, several-fold. To start, they’ve just released their new/best styles, and they’re giving locals first dibs. That basically means that we can collect on the swell sh*t that no one else has yet.


Damn! These Heels | Film Festival

Damn! These Heels is back and the lineup is making us a wee giddy. The Utah Film Center has been dragging beautiful cinematography, inspiring & provocative storytelling, and gut-splitting, cutting-edge independent films to Salt Lake City for more than 10 years. This festival is


Dreier on the Hill

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Millcreek Property Profile: 3,230 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: Modern homes masterminded by Mister Eduard Dreier seem never to disappoint. And – like any Dreier dwelling – this one has some stellar features in a predictably