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Lisa Elin Craighead lisaelin@gmail.com Lisa Elin Craighead is a transplanted New Yorker and former Venice Beach bunny. Officially, her background is in the creative direction of celeb photo shoots for magazines and advertising, but her side gig is that of a writer, and we're taking full advantage of the bounty. This allows her to delve deep into the local culture by way of investing in and writing about SLC and its inhabitants in all their creative glory. More than 18 years experience has given Lisa a fierce and fixed eye for bringing a shoot to the page in its most celestial light, and we see the fruits of that skilled gauge each and every time she's part of a COLLECTIVE photo sesh. She can plainly see that our salty city is on its way to becoming a creative powerhouse, and she fully intends to lend her efforts in the march. Since she's equal parts blunt and brainy, this equates to SLC (and CHC), elevated.
Lisa Elin Craighead

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Feldman’s Deli | Love, Light, and Latkes

A Jew, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, Atheist and Pagan walk into a bar…and they drink (alcoholic and virgin), laugh, exchange ideas and become good friends. It’s not a joke. It’s what happens when you’re not a jerk. I’m a stovetop Jew. I’m in it for the food. I’ve


A Passage to India…Hicks

To say India Hicks’ Bahamian/English countryside lifestyle is one that many desire with every ounce of their design- and lifestyle-obsessed hearts–and that we at CHC celebrate all things beautifully designed–is akin to whispering that Jocelyn Wildenstein has had some work done. No need to whisper.


The Skin You’re In | Alkim Me

When accessorizing for the holidays, and life, a sharply cut tuxedo blazer and a splash of No. 5 are always chic. A parched epidermis is not. As summer’s rotisserie-gold suntans fade, like leaves that go from dazzling to dead overnight, my personal Christmasakkah came early; a


Kimball Gala | Smashing Summer

It was all fabulous-meets-selflessness on the opening night of the Kimball Arts Festival at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley. Mmm hmm. The arts in Utah are revered for the positive effect they have on our lives, but the Kimball recognizes a touch more than


The Disco Ball & The Vegetarian

Leave the kids at home. More on that later. I somewhat recently discovered a vegetarian, partying paradise. Words that don’t generally go together. An oxymoron. But it’s not. It’s Zest. I was bemused. How exactly did this happen? What revolutionary thought, “Hmm. Chickpea pancakes, baked zucchini


Uintah Standard | The Opening

The uber-fashionable clothes of Heather Carlos and Uintah Collection now have a dedicated local home, and you know we love a good bit of design in this city. The Uintah line is usually only to be found at Saks, Shopbop and Free People [to


Soul Poles | Spread the Soul

Are you actually reading this article? If you are, you are either: 1) interested in the hot guy in the opening shot [he’s taken], 2) a person that deeply appreciates renewable and sustainable practices [excellent], 3) a hipster that’s intrigued by the throwback style of the


Uintah Collection | A Pattern Apart

The scene: summer, 1991. The revolution was on the big screen, but it wasn’t the revolutionary effects that turned viewers into slack-jawed gawkers. The movie: Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The star: Linda Hamilton’s arms. Women around the globe [and far more than a few dudes] lustily proclaimed in


It’s Hot in Hair | Jouissance

The fine story below is a guest piece from Lady Lisa Elin Craighead [seen here doing things right]. This saucy broad is a recent transplant from NYC and a client-turned-contributor who seems to be as stoked on us as we are on her. To