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Lauren Bald lauren@cityhomecollective.com Lauren Bald is certifiably born of the mean streets of Newport Beach, California, but she migrated to the land of salt for the quintessential change in scenery and a dose of affordable schooling. In a COLLECTIVE stroke of luck, this saucy missus peeled herself from the dean's list in interior design to grace us with a brief internship, but moxie like this is hard to come by, so we were inspired to baptize her as one of our own. Lauren's inspired by L.A. street-life culture, gaudy Las Vegas, and mid-century modern Palm Springs, to name a few — a mixed bag of style that we can heartily appreciate. Her daily efforts in our COLLECTIVE sphere are as varied as her tattoos, but her discipline and drive are unflappable.
Lauren Bald

More From Lauren Bald

A Few Wise Choices…

Not all design jobs call for a full-on remodel. In fact, some spaces just need a little spruce to get them looking spectacularly livened-up (and, in some cases, refreshingly modern). These particular clients were looking to freshen up their home, which was built in


Framework Fundraiser

If you are anything like us, then you’re ever in the market for new ways to support and lift up our fair city and her people. Lucky us, Framework Arts is providing just such an opportunity with their inaugural fundraiser this Friday at Publik Coffee Roasters. Framework Arts


CHC First-Time Buyers Clinic

Ah, buying your first home. For some, the notion brings back memories, be they fond, stressful, or completely unraveled. For others, it elicits a sense of wonder or hope–maybe purchasing a house is a long term goal, a founding member of your 5- or


Forsey’s Furniture | A Fine Fixture

If you’re at all familiar with the world of interior design here in Salt Lake City, then we feel confident that you’ve at least heard of Forsey’s Furniture. The keystone fixture of “furniture row” on Highland Drive, Forsey’s is a locally-owned and -run family


FINCA | Fine Design-ing

There is something I’ve learned to be true in all aspects of design: convenience kills creativity. When you’re given the world–too many choices, an endless budget, no timeline–some key part of the process inevitably gets lost. Perhaps it’s our innate desire to be problem


Adib’s Rug Gallery

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we live in a fantastic city. Ours is a land of transplants from all corners of the world; they’ve migrated here because there’s just something special about it. Loads of these non-salty-natives are bringing something spectacular to the table–architecture, green living,


Condo Tour | Bring ‘Em Out

Whoever boasted about killing two birds with one stone had some pretty poor aim, say we. This weekend, we’re gonna shoot for five. Come take a peek, ’cause no less that 1-2-3-4-5 of our smokin-est flats will be on display, Open House-style, this Saturday,


SL Modern Tour | Do Some Good

Attention all you citizens, philanthropists, modern enthusiasts, and local businesses: SL Modern is still looking for a few good sponsors for this year’s Modern Homes Tour in the Aves, which will be happening on Saturday, June 14th. Sponsorship starts at $500 and it certainly


Condo Tour | Come One, Come Y’all

One of the great things about being a COLLECTIVE is our ability to combine forces and tap resources in a way that is mutually beneficial to all. Well, this weekend, you’re in luck, ’cause it benefits you, too. This Saturday, January 11th, we will


COLLECTIVE Threads | Be Warm

Last week we gave y’all some Holiday shopping suggestions in the form of our COLLECTIVE Gift Guide. If you’re still stumped or can’t quite find that perfect, meaningful something for that perfect, meaningful person, might we suggest our “Love Where You Live” tees and


It’s a Beautiful Day | Zuriick

What is style? How do you differentiate between the good and the bad? Can it be taught, or is it innate? Style is one of those anomalies that can be intensely personal and at the same time be universally acceptable. It is also so


After After | Farmer’s Market

Sometimes we forget to give thanks as often as we should. So today, we’re offering a handful of them to the people of SLC. What started as a little idea for a gathering of folks in an extraordinary space was brought to fruition on

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