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Katie Eldridge katie@panicbuttonmedia.com Katie Eldridge was formerly a pavement-pounding reporter and blazer-wearing anchor, so her prowess in telling a good story lies unquestioned by this COLLECTIVE. The owner of Panic Button Media, she’s drawn admittedly to the unexampled and the absurd, and her gut feel for our desires in a spellbinding blog is usually bang-on. Katie’s keen on trotting the globe at random, drinking in live music, and marveling at machines of old [think brick cell phones and Airstreams]. She punches the keys of [we assume] a rickety typewriter from her home in Park City, and wields the “public relations professional” title with smooth and savvy know-how and a tornado of connections.
Katie Eldridge

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Publik for All

Publik. It’s a Dutch word that translates to ‘community,’ and in this particular case ‘warm design and coffee fuzzies all over.’ Publik also happens to be SLC’s new, delish, green-as-hell answer to “Where should I get my cup of brew this morning?” It’s perched


Camper ReParadise | Live Mobile

It’s no secret that we COLLECTIVELY appreciate quality, authenticity and style. That coveted trifecta has been harnessed at the Salt Lake City-born business Camper ReParadise.  Look beyond the kitschy name, and you’ll find what we think is the perfect blend of class, creativity, and


Farasha | P.C. Boutique

Grab your purse and head to Park City. There’s a new shopping experience to be had: it’s more of a showroom than a store, more global than hometown – that real sweet blend of edge and glam. Farasha is quietly tucked on the second floor of


Last Dance

The Sundance Film Festival circuit can chew you up and spit you out if you’ve been in deep: screenings, concerts, panel discussions, plus a rowdy evening here and there – with celebrity sightings sprinkled in between. There are just three days left of this


A Good, Slow [Sun]dance

Yes, we’ve heard you and we know you’re out there. You hate the Sundance Film Festival – there’s too much traffic, too many people from all over the land, and they’re all wearing black and acting holier-than-thou. You can’t get into your favorite restaurant,



There’s a magnetic pull that that happens between the perfect handbag and a girl. Or guy, for that matter; saucy modes of transportation for your tube of lipstick aren’t exclusive to the lady-folk. Lucky for those on the lookout, KiNGFLY bags don’t have to


NICHE Snowboards | Eco Ride

Once upon a time, a snowboarder named Dustin Morrell wanted to build his own board — and design a great one — not just for him, but for the masses. He set up shop in his SLC basement and got going. Sadly, the materials


Soldier Boy. Soldier Girl.

How many top executives do you know who have made the committment and taken the time to follow a creative passion outside of the boardroom? Add Mr. Lynn Blodgett to that likely-short list. One of our clients, and a favorite of ours, Blodgett is


Dallas Graham | Red Fred

We like to think of Dallas Graham as a percolating fountain of goodness.  This smiling, lanky, stylie, Utah-native keeps adding to his list of talents and selfless deeds. You may know him through Kalari or yoga — or the graphic design world, or his


Cobble This | Millcreek Shoe

Millcreek Shoe Rebuilders | A Dying Art Breathes On Story & Photos by Katie Eldridge There are times when a crusty exterior is a red flag for good things inside. Surely, at one Millcreek business this is the case. From the welcome mat that reads, “I’d