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Katie Bald katie@cityhomecollective.com Katie Bald is a fervent fighter for the rights of the Oxford comma and a practitioner of the pop-culture pen. That is to say -- as a very regular contributor to our COLLECTIVE blog -- she'll be sprinkling most of her well-written stories with either hip-hop lyrics or movie quotes. As our editor's right-hand gal, Katie will aid in whipping the copy on our site into tip-top shape. An English graduate of the University of Utah, this bird is a firm believer in the Ray Bradbury school of thought: says he, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
Katie Bald

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SLC DesignWalk 2015

Lovers of SLC, downright delicious design, and fierce competition (and we do mean fierce) rejoice! ‘Tis time for SLC DesignWalk 2015. Unfamiliar? Well, let us enlighten you. Inspired by the past success of Fashion Stroll, DesignWalk is a themed design competition featuring the work of


Women In Architecture | Partini

Few things give us as much joy as sisters doing it for themselves–but one of those things is absolutely architecture. So you can imagine why Women In Architecture SLC is one of our all-time favorite organizations. The gaggle of multi-talented (and brainy as hell)


Pinecrest | Life in Your Space

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a bit partial to the salty streets and majestic mountains that SLC boasts so brilliantly. And chances are you know that we are, too. Which is precisely why we were so thrilled to rally the troops and


Public Safety Building | Redevelopement

In the minds of many of SLC’s architecturally inclined, the former Public Safety building is among one of our most revered. A delicious mid-mod high-rise, smack dab in the middle of one of the coolest cities in the US of A? Unheard of. Alas, in


Beeteeth Presents CURIO

Let it be known: we L-O-V-E Dan Christofferson. Jillian knows him as “hubs”, baby Grey knows him as “pop”, but you (along with the greater part of Salt Lake City) probably know him as Beeteeth–artist, maker, and curator of curiosities. We’ve spoken before on


MALL2 | Return of the Mall

Last year, we salty citizens were introduced to MALL, a beautiful, brilliant (and totally enlightening) sensory experience. This year, thanks to the brilliant minds at V. Project and 7D8, we can all start gearing up for MALL2, which aims to let attendees explore “experiences around


Millcreek | Me Oh My…

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Millcreek Property Profile: 2,024 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: In a delightful, best-of-both-worlds way, this charming little Millcreek crib is well equipped with plenty of modern updates (the kitchen is positively filthy with them) as well as a


Life In Your Space | Wall St.

Marmalade, for those unawares, is one of SLC’s charmingest ‘hoods, and as of late it’s getting a makeover fit for the record books. Folks are flooding here from every corner of the city, and we’re thinking that the new public city library–already in the


Damn These Heels | That’s A Wrap

It was all a popcorn-covered, stiletto wearing dream, but the 2015 Damn These Heels! film festival has (alas) come to a close. The annual event is a “weekend-long celebration of independent, documentary, and foreign feature-length films from around the world that explore LGBT issues,


Quint-Essentials | Pools Out for Summer

The warm is officially here, folks. In our last edition of Quint-Essentials, we supplied you with some early-summer eye candy in the form of a few fantastic decks. Quite frankly, the soaring temps are starting to get to us, and we find ourselves staring


Damn These Heels! | Hurts So Good

Since 2003, the Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival has been sissying that walk and bringing the best of the best LGBTQ culture from around the world to our salty doorstep. We’ve chatted at you about all the good that this festival a few


God Save The UMOCA!

The annual UMOCA Gala is one of our favorite yearly events for a few reasons. 1) We get the chance to celebrate and raise funds in the name of contemporary art, and 2) We get to bust into our costume box. This theme for