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Katie Bald katie@cityhomecollective.com Katie Bald is a fervent fighter for the rights of the Oxford comma and a practitioner of the pop-culture pen. That is to say -- as a very regular contributor to our COLLECTIVE blog -- she'll be sprinkling most of her well-written stories with either hip-hop lyrics or movie quotes. As our editor's right-hand gal, Katie will aid in whipping the copy on our site into tip-top shape. An English graduate of the University of Utah, this bird is a firm believer in the Ray Bradbury school of thought: says he, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
Katie Bald

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Allies Dinner | ‘Tis Time!

 *Mic tap. Attention! Attention! The Equality Utah Allies Dinner is this Saturday, people. We gave you the rundown last week on this deliciously-beneficiary event last week, but in case you missed it, we suggest you read up stat. Equality Utah is one of the


Life In Your Space | Easy As Pie

It’s bittersweet, really. One of Salt Lake City’s loveliest lil’ families is–for the time being–moving on. We are (totally, extremely, gut-wrenchingly) sad to see them go, but we’re thrilled to send them on their way (and will be anxiously-awaiting their return from our COLLECTIVE


A Teaser | Brace Yourselves…

A brand spanking new-build modern, right across the street from Sugar House Park? Well, holy sh*t. Lucky for you, us, and every damn citizen that’s graced with its curb appeal on their daily commute, it’s all true. This is life an actual stone’s throw


Life In Your Space | In Plain Sight

In our book, a lack of privacy is one of the deadliest sins. To have a retreat that’s open, wide, and free from prying eyes–well it’s damn near next to godliness. But the perfect ‘hood? Well, that’s just as good. So, what does one do


NOW-ID | House of Apocalypse

Some of the best benefits that this town has to offer are those causes created by passionate people doing what they love–hard. The folks at NOW-ID (formerly Now International/ Interdisciplinary Dance Co.) happen to be doing just that. NOW-ID, for those in the lurch, is


Gallery Stroll | Art You Glad?

There are folks that think there’s not much to do in SLC–that our salty streets are a barren wasteland of cheap restaurant chains and early nights in. And then there are smart folks, such as yourselves, that know better. This bustling city of ours


Life In Your Space | Up, Up, and Away

 Change is on the wind, people. It’s the time of year when one wakes to a slight nip in the air, and the sun dips down a bit earlier every evening. ‘Tis the season of Toddies and turkey; make no mistake, we love the


Brew + ‘Q | Free Food + Hugs

Here at the COLLECTIVE, we tend to wear many-a hat. We’re realtors, we’re designers, we’re writers, editors, dreamers, and doers. But above all, we’re family. And–whether you’ve worked with us, leafed through the pages of our website, or even admired our damn-pretty digs from


Equality Utah Allies Dinner 2015

Equality–much like life, liberty, and the pursuit of all that jazz–just seems like one of those fabulously fundamental human rights that we all ought to be entitled to. But if 5th grade American History taught us anything, it’s that (sadly) this just ain’t the


MALL2 | Finito

A few weeks back, we notified you fabulous people about a fantastic art event known simply as MALL2. The name was simple, but the concept a bit more abstract: creators V. Project and 7D8 called it “a gathering space for exploring design and to


Girls on the Run | Sneaker Soiree

In the interest of supporting local and empowering the youth of this fair city (both of which we’ll give a resounding shout for any day), we’d like to introduce to you Girls on the Run Utah. For those not yet acquainted, GOTR is a non-profit


Life In Your Space | Inside Out

Ahhh…the dog days of summer, where broiling afternoons sizzle into sultry evenings. The last stretch of soaring temps seems to be the most sinister, and it feels damn near sinful to not be near some body of water. Enter: the Linton residence. We’ve harped