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Katie Bald katie@cityhomecollective.com Katie Bald is a fervent fighter for the rights of the Oxford comma and a practitioner of the pop-culture pen. That is to say -- as a very regular contributor to our COLLECTIVE blog -- she'll be sprinkling most of her well-written stories with either hip-hop lyrics or movie quotes. As our editor's right-hand gal, Katie will aid in whipping the copy on our site into tip-top shape. An English graduate of the University of Utah, this bird is a firm believer in the Ray Bradbury school of thought: says he, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
Katie Bald

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We Love You | All Ways

Day in, day out, and year after year: we’re proud of who we are, we’re proud of who we love, and we’re proud to live in such a kick-ass town. SLC’s ever-growing Pride Parade is raising a bit of a ruckus, if you hadn’t


HRC Gala | Forever Forward

Once again, the Pride Parade has come to a fabulous close. The streamers and glitter have all been swept up, and the morning we marched in the name of love and equality is but a beautiful, sweat-soaked memory…but Pride Month is just getting started.


UMOCA Gala | Like It’s 1931

June marks the start of summer in our salty city, and each year it brings longer days, hotter nights, and a few of our favorite yearly gatherings: Pride (this Sunday!), the HRC Gala (next weekend!), and of course, the annual, amazing, UMOCA Gala. Happening this


AIGA 100 | 2016 Wrap-Up

We keep tellin’ you guys: the talent in this town in staggering, and it’s a beautiful, beautiful struggle to try and stay on top of all of it. Luckily for SLC, AIGA Salt Lake annually puts much of that talent in a convenient, one-stop


(Sissy That) Walk With Us | Pride!

As we’ve said a time or two before, “We are a small, locally-owned, real estate brokerage. We sell homes and design spaces in this fine city of ours, and we are intimately connected to her. We’re smitten by her. At times, we’re heartbroken by


Place of Worship | Amangiri

Forgive us for dwelling on the desert these last few weeks, but as spring is at the tip of nature’s tongue, the dry, hot, forever of the desert is exactly what we’re daydreaming about. We long for those arid temps, those hard-baked landscapes, that


It’s Hot! | The Market, That Is…

It’s been a crazy week ’round these parts, and we’ve found ourselves with not one, not two, but three of our $1 million+ listings landing squarely under contract. That’s a lot of good news for one work week, and our heads our spinning with


AIGA 100 Show | Judge Ye Not…

Judge not, that is, as the judges have already been chosen. Ye needn’t bother. As always, our COLLECTIVE hats go off to to the team of artistic critics–lovingly selected by the Salt Lake Chapter of AIGA, the professional association of design–to pick the cream


Salt of the City | Linda C. Smith

Yes, we spill the beans on our favorite things any chance we get, but since when is lovin’ where you live a crime? There’s more than enough to go around. In fact, there are just so many local ‘Lakers that we can’t get enough


Avenues Cottage | A Preview…

It’s just not fair. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves at how utterly lucky we are to be in the company of such utterly fabulous folk. The taste, talent, and tender-lovin’ hearts of our COLLECTIVE clients is enough to keep us shouting out our


It’s Spring! | You Oughta Sell!

You’ve heard it a million times before. Ya’ know, Spring has sprung! Time to sell! Act fast!, and all that jazz. Thing is, it’s not just words, folks. The SLC market is poppin’ right now, and it seems we couldn’t hold on to a



Amongst the slew of sensational artistic organizations in this fine town stands the Repertory Dance Theatre–the nation’s “oldest and most successful repertory dance company”–which has been kicking ass and grand jeté-ing with ease since 1966. As far as groundbreaking and boundary-pushing expression goes, RDT