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Katie Bald katie@cityhomecollective.com Katie Bald is a fervent fighter for the rights of the Oxford comma and a practitioner of the pop-culture pen. That is to say -- as a very regular contributor to our COLLECTIVE blog -- she'll be sprinkling most of her well-written stories with either hip-hop lyrics or movie quotes. As our editor's right-hand gal, Katie will aid in whipping the copy on our site into tip-top shape. An English graduate of the University of Utah, this bird is a firm believer in the Ray Bradbury school of thought: says he, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
Katie Bald

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Place of Worship | Family Matters

Hold lightly the notion of “home.” The space in which one dwells is just one facet of “home,” and while it’s true that at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE we obsess about the physical manifestation of this abstract space day in and out, we know that–like most beautiful, living things–”home”


Top 10 Best Cities | SLC! Woo!

We think SLC is a swell place to live. In fact, we think it’s stellar. When you combine fantastic locals with stunning landscapes, you’ve got a recipe for true love, and we’ve fallen head over heels. (This should come as no surprise to most,


PechaKucha Vol. 19 | Clean Air Fair

Let’s be frank. The air hovering above Salt Lake City is a mess, at the moment (at least that much is clear). Each year, we come to expect a thick cloud of muck to descend upon our city, and we fear that we Salt


Clear the Air | Breathe Easy

Like any pioneer-founded city in America, Salt Lake has a long, strange history, much of which is peppered with embarassingly-sordid details. In most instances, we can pass the blame to generations past. But one such sordid detail cannot. It’s perhaps our deepest and darkest


Circle Drive | Door’s Open

We’re avid fans of architecture, and over the years, we’ve accrued quite the collection of styles to count among our favorites. And, while you’ll find we frequently publicize our love affair with the blank slate that modern often affords, we’ve also been known to


Brew + ‘Q | All Night Long

Those of you who attended our 4th Annual Brew + ‘Q a few weeks back can attest to the BBQ-fueled merriment that was had (and those of you who missed it missed out). As with bashes past, the equation was simple: We supplied the


Find Your Space | Vol. Twelve

FIND YOUR SPACE. NEVER SETTLE. Call it cliché, but we think there are few sentiments that ring truer than “home is where the heart is.” Your home is where you house your people and your most prized possessions. It’s where you are your truest


Place of Worship | Work of Art

There’s a certain subtlety to good style. “Flashy” does not beget “striking”, and a one-off does not a masterpiece make. There is most certainly something to be said for “right place, right time”, but we happen to think all the best spaces exist in


SLFS Member Drive 2016 | Wrap It Up

The final countdown has begun, folks. 2016–perhaps the most fickle, exhausting, and joyous year to date–is winding down, and we reckon you’re spread paper thin in terms of holiday obligations. We assume your halls are decked, and hopefully your spirits are sky high with


Preservation Utah | Happy 50th!

“A building should take good care of its wrinkles.” – Rasmus Wœrn and Gert Wingårdh The importance of preserving the many beautiful, historic buildings in this state can’t be overstated. And, just like with the history of mankind, it is imperative we keep the


Mid-70s Made Modern

When our clients purchased this home last year (with this stellar CHC agent), they knew that both the bones and the location were in good order. The ’70s brick rambler is perched at the tip-top of the Avenues, and thus, had the potential to


Christmas Art Adoption | Give + Get

Those gift-giving holidays are upon us, folks, and we’ve been nudging you in the “shop local” direction from the jump. You see, we live for making lists and checking them twice as much as the next guy, and if we can get goodies for