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Jewel Maxfield jewel@cityhomecollective.com 801.440.9599 Jewel Maxfield is a lifer in our state, and a dedicated lover of its innumerable fine points. This force of actuation wields a resume colorful as the veritable rainbow, and thanks either to the power of irony or a self-fulfilling prophesy, Jewel is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. A multi-faceted career in jewelry (see that?) logically followed, and we’re led assume it was her obsession with all that glitters that brought her to our COLLECTIVE, where she’s proven to be a vital member of the mob. A polished agent and a flawless process...you’re set to land squarely in a gem of a home.
Jewel Maxfield

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SLC has its healthy share of dog lovers. We know this. They attend all sorts of human events and outings on the daily, so it’s kinda nice that they have one of their own. Strut Your Mutt is a leisurely walk/run held to raise