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Helena Morozoff helena@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Helena Morozoff joined our COLLECTIVE cause with heaps of interior design experience and a simmering sense of style all her own. International Law & Diplomacy served as the springboard for her formal education, but shortly after acquiring a bachelor’s degree, Helena found herself inspired by the facets of interior design. In 2008, she received a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture at the Florence Design Academy, after which she set promptly to work in building a portfolio that runs equal parts extensive and impressive. The scope of Helena’s work touches on all branches of design, and her enveloping perception of smart design knows no bounds.
Helena Morozoff

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Lassonde Studios | School of Thought

At the risk of dating myself, I come from an era where, for much of my student life, there were no computers. And, by the time they were accessible to anyone besides NASA, they were gigantic, off-white boxes that ate up most of your


Arte Haus | Dwell A While

Once, not that incredibly long ago, a man with a particularly good sense of design and appreciation for anything artisanal (two values both all-too-rare in our day and age) declared it superfluous to have anything in your house “that you do not know to