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Heather Lorenzana heather@cityhomecollective.com Heather Lorenzana deals in resolute devotion and simple success. This well-rounded live wire is the most recent addition to our COLLECTIVE gang, though you’d likely never suspect it. A schooled business administrator and hip-hop dancer, she maneuvers a conference room as smoothly as she does a dance floor. Heather is a painter, a lover of our state’s myriad outdoor diversions, and a fervent advocate of modern and mid-century modern design who revels in seeing a task from start to finish. Crucial conditions for your next perfect transaction.

More From Heather Lorenzana

Underbelly | Whale, Whale, Whale…

As anyone who’s spent at least two seconds on the beautifully be-gridded streets of this city should know, SLC is certainly no slouch in the creativity department. We’ve got a fair amount of movers and shakers up in this band of Salt Lakers, so


Saturday’s Waffle | Good Grid

No offense to pancakes, but the folks seen in the photos below are peddling the stuff of dreams. Saturday’s Waffle is our new favorite sweet spot, and those unaware would be well advised to discover the magic for themselves. You won’t find a little


Eggs In the City | What’s Crackin’

Eggs In the City is one of those tried-’n'-true local joints that’s all sorts of easy to love. Located on a sweet little corner in the Wasatch Hollow area [just kitty-corner from Emigration Market], it’s an adorable service-station-turned-fave-brunch-joint that’s equal parts modern and old-timey


Sequel | So Fresh ‘n’ So Clean

We’ve got a boatload of gems tucked away in our city, and whenever we can, we revel in the chance to dust off our Indiana Jones hat and dig up some treasures for you. A block away from Liberty Park is Sequel Salon…a smart-looking