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Darby Doyle aBourbonGal@gmail.com Darby Doyle is a typical Utah housewife. But to be clear, the definition only applies if the housewife you imagine home-brews on the regular, wrangles chickens and kids, makes charcuterie from the game meat she just 'brought in', and ends the day with a smokin' cocktail party for a few dozen of her closest friends. Darby's a professional historian, recovering archeologist, freelance writer, and the delicious mind behind "A Bourbon Gal in Utah" (a blog about cocktails, cookery, and domestic bad-assert written from her tiny SLC kitchen). She also happens to be our in-house gourmand and after-hours mixologist. She's been referred to as "a refreshing paradox of vulgarity and southern charm." Read any one of her fact-filled and sassy stories and you'll get the message. www.abourbongal.com
Darby Doyle

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Modern Manners | Thank You, etc.

When was the last time you actually put pen to paper and expressed some gratitude? Surely — sometime in the past year, if not this very week — someone has done something to deserve your thanks, right? A thoughtful gift, an act of kindness,


Cocktails 101 | Le French 75

There’s something about a champagne cocktail that cranks the flyin’ high freak-flag level of any event right up to 11 from the first toast, and the French 75 is arguably THE classic bubbly cocktail. Fair warning: it’s the kind of cocktail that sneaks up


Frog Bench Farms

Driving through the quiet east bench neighborhood, you’d never know it’s there: an almost-two acre, intensive, experimental, working farm tucked behind an elementary school and accessible via a residential cul de sac. We COLLECTIVELY swooned at a recent Pago sommelier series dinner hosted at


Pago Harvest Dinner

In ancient times, Celtic communities readied for the dark of winter with a harvest festival called Samhain. They gathered produce for drying, brewing, fermenting, and cellar storage. Preparing their winter larders, farmers completed the largest butchering effort of the year. Copious alcohol consumption around


Pago | Sommelier Series

Summer of Love + Pago | Scott Evans               Scott Evans is a lover, not a fighter. Not to say that he wouldn’t totes have your back in a bar fight (he’s super-fit and pretty scrappy), or have