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Darby Doyle aBourbonGal@gmail.com Darby Doyle is a typical Utah housewife. But to be clear, the definition only applies if the housewife you imagine home-brews on the regular, wrangles chickens and kids, makes charcuterie from the game meat she just 'brought in', and ends the day with a smokin' cocktail party for a few dozen of her closest friends. Darby's a professional historian, recovering archeologist, freelance writer, and the delicious mind behind "A Bourbon Gal in Utah" (a blog about cocktails, cookery, and domestic bad-assert written from her tiny SLC kitchen). She also happens to be our in-house gourmand and after-hours mixologist. She's been referred to as "a refreshing paradox of vulgarity and southern charm." Read any one of her fact-filled and sassy stories and you'll get the message. www.abourbongal.com
Darby Doyle

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Modern Manners | RSVP. Pretty Please.

Things Utah is known for being all kinds of awesome: jaw-dropping landscapes, fry sauce, the highest literacy rate in the nation, “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” clean living, the Osmonds, and pulling a successful Olympics out of its ass in 2002. On the down


Transportation 101 in the 801

When Mayor Ralph Becker campaigned for office, he pounded the pavement the old fashioned way, going door-to-door on foot or by bike. One issue kept coming up, and it’s really stuck with him: almost two-thirds of SLC residents said that they’d love to ride


Beehive Distilling | Jack Rabbit Gin

Few spirits have had as tough a time with branding spin as gin. Made with distinctive juniper flavors and a fermented mash of barley and other grains, gin started out centuries ago as a medicinal libation particularly valued for helping ease childbirth [presumably for


BEER BAR | Haute Dog

Trust us on this one: don’t plan your first visit to BEER BAR as a quick and quiet catch-up lunch with a co-worker, or you’ll be pissed at yourself for the rest of the afternoon. Sure, you’ll get a great beer and brat efficiently


Avenues Bistro on Third

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Kathie Chadbourne lives big. A big smile that lights up any room. Big dreams for her neighborhood café. A big laugh that accompanies every story, whether humorous or poignant. A freakin’ huge heart that embraces everyone around her. And


Laziz | Hummusexual

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock while trapped in a sea chest and thrown to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, you’ve been following our good friends from Laziz Middle Eastern Spreads in the national press. We’re COLLECTIVELY impressed by their delicious eats,


Cocktails 101 | The Mint Julep

For Southerners in general and Louisvillians in particular, the Kentucky Derby is not just a one-day horse race: it’s more than a month of events, parties, and preparations for the big day, which is always the first Saturday in May. Televised, what most folks


Finca | Spring Forward

There’s a COLLECTIVE sigh amongst diners here in the Wasatch. Well, at least with the ones who make local eating and farm-to-table their mantra. After a long winter without decent tomatoes and sandals, we can now breathe [and eat] a little easier. Vibrant as


Yamamoto Motoi | Saltworks

Salt. It’s an element essential to the survival of humans and other animals, keeping our bodies charged on the cellular level. People all over the world figured out pretty early on salt’s value both as a commodity and condiment [let’s face it, most things


Cocktails 101 | The Sazerac

One of the great regrets of New Orleans visits in my youth was that I traveled there with the double-edged whammy of a college-student’s budget and attitude: go for quantity, not quality. I attended college in Memphis, and had the great fortune to have


Chocolate: The Exhibition | Yum

Fair warning: eat a snack before you go to Natural History Museum of Utah’s Chocolate: The Exhibition. You may think your willpower will hold strong strolling through the spectacular permanent galleries, then visiting the latest exhibit. But you’d be wrong, you smug fit bastard. From


Emily Plewe | Artist

I’ve been flat-out fascinated by Emily Plewe’s work since viewing some of her paintings at a gallery here in SLC a few years ago. Abstract forms and color filled each canvas’s space, like competing beats in a just-slightly-off syncopation drum circle. One painting, “Accession,”