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Darby Doyle aBourbonGal@gmail.com Darby Doyle is a typical Utah housewife. But to be clear, the definition only applies if the housewife you imagine home-brews on the regular, wrangles chickens and kids, makes charcuterie from the game meat she just 'brought in', and ends the day with a smokin' cocktail party for a few dozen of her closest friends. Darby's a professional historian, recovering archeologist, freelance writer, and the delicious mind behind "A Bourbon Gal in Utah" (a blog about cocktails, cookery, and domestic bad-assert written from her tiny SLC kitchen). She also happens to be our in-house gourmand and after-hours mixologist. She's been referred to as "a refreshing paradox of vulgarity and southern charm." Read any one of her fact-filled and sassy stories and you'll get the message. www.abourbongal.com
Darby Doyle

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East Liberty Tap House

America’s days as a fledgling republic, just stretching its fuzzy baby eagle wings into nationhood [to steal some of our favorite Colbert Report imagery], centered on face-to-face conversations. Theoretical and eventually subversive political debates between men—and more than a few under-recognized women—we now see


Do Gouda | Part Deux

The second round of Even Stevens Sandwiches global expansion for good vibes recently moved into the heart of booming Sugar ‘hood, and we’re pretty thrilled about it. Housed in the old Petty Ford Motor Company garage, snug on the northwest corner of 21st south


Breathe Utah | Air Aware

The inversion problem in our fair valley has taken on a life of its own. Like a dystopian novel come to life, we’re living under a seemingly impenetrable putrid miasma, dancing for snow to alleviate the noxious air, as much for the powder days


Modern Manners | Be Our Guest

We all know her, or we want to be him, even if we’ve only seen them on The Barefoot Contessa or in the glossy, fantasy world called Pinterest: the calm, gracious, charming host of a fabulous cocktail hour, backyard bash, or dinner party. Not


Provisions | Millcreek FTW

Chef Tyler Stokes has got it goin’ on all up in here: the talented chops of a top-resort chef [count it out; PC, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole], the work ethic of a Wyoming rancher’s kid [true story], and the good looks and charm of


Sugar House Distillery

What microbrewing did to step up the beer-lovers market, craft distillers are pushing the boundaries of small-batch booze. Even, or should we say especially, in Utah. Snugged away in a small industrial strip of warehouses on the west edge of the Sugarhood sits Sugar


Meat, Your Maker | Creminelli

What the Oscars are for film, or a Grammy awards excellence in music, the Specialty Food Association “sofi” award goes to the best of the best in the gourmet food world. In 2013, Cristiano Creminelli brought this golden statue [it really does look a


Cocktails 101 | The Old-Fashioned

It only takes one sucky Old-Fashioned to put you off this drink for life. My first introduction to the Old-Fashioned was the one served for pretty much every holiday gathering with my family. It looked like fruit vomit, and tasted like booze-tinted water. My-relative-who-shall-remain-nameless


Cocktails 101 | The Manhattan

If ever a cocktail could be said to have a season, The Manhattan screams chic winter urban elegance. There’s something inherently both frenetic and festive about this boozy, brightly-hued beverage that pairs perfectly with non-stop holiday feasting from November through New Year’s Day. You


Cocktails 101 | Hot Toddy

Back in the day [like, the 1700s], making a hot toddy didn’t just signify that it was cold outside and you needed a warmer-upper. Nope. Back then, your toddy expressed your cultural baggage, as well as your current geography. The toddy’s historical three-legged stool—with


Vida Tequila | Glasses Up

Sizzle. And a lot of va-va-voom. Lisa Barlow’s got it goin’ on in spades, and we mean that in the best possible way. Go ahead, Google her fine ass, and you’ll find her, right next to the definition of “glam.” But don’t be fooled


Rye | Oh, My!

Call us smitten, kittens, ‘cause we are COLLECTIVELY gone over Rye. Think a punk-ass urban diner vibe, but with a little less edgy lip snarl and a lot more polish. As if the be-mulletted headbangers of our misspent youth went to rehab, got a