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Darby Doyle aBourbonGal@gmail.com Darby Doyle is a typical Utah housewife. But to be clear, the definition only applies if the housewife you imagine home-brews on the regular, wrangles chickens and kids, makes charcuterie from the game meat she just 'brought in', and ends the day with a smokin' cocktail party for a few dozen of her closest friends. Darby's a professional historian, recovering archeologist, freelance writer, and the delicious mind behind "A Bourbon Gal in Utah" (a blog about cocktails, cookery, and domestic bad-assert written from her tiny SLC kitchen). She also happens to be our in-house gourmand and after-hours mixologist. She's been referred to as "a refreshing paradox of vulgarity and southern charm." Read any one of her fact-filled and sassy stories and you'll get the message. www.abourbongal.com
Darby Doyle

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Holy Manoli’s

“Being raised Greek means being hospitable,” says Manoli Katsanevas, chef/owner of his eponymously monikered Manoli’s restaurant, snug on the southeast corner of 400 East and 900  South. This means more than providing superlative nosh and fabulous libations—though Manoli’s is nailing the hell out of those


Cocktails 101 | The Moscow Mule

It’s a pretty and refreshing beverage for hot sunny days, our popular and boozy friend the Moscow Mule. A good hit of alcohol from the punch of vodka, ginger beer’s nifty fizz, and the Gemini sisters of summer slurping–lime and plenty of ice—make it


300 Plates | A Wrap-Up

We’re adamant and ardent fans of the fine arts here at CHC HQ. Even more so when we’re all abuzz about the bounty of amazing artists based right here in our Salty City creating masterful, meaningful, essential touchpoints for people of all backgrounds, ages,


Salt & Smoke | The Sausage King

Remember those fab sausages served up with style last autumn at last year’s COLLECTIVE Brew + ‘Q bash? Those sassy snacks were courtesy of none other than Salt Lake City’s answer to Abe Froman: Frody Volgger of Salt & Smoke Meats (C’mon, y’all. The


Tim’s Speakeasy | Drinks on the DL

Tim Peterson is on a divine mission of peaty proselytization. “My favorite thing about sharing my whiskey collection is seeing someone who says ‘I don’t like Scotch’ find their moment of liking a Scotch,” says this SLC-based whisky evangelist as he pours yet another


Cocktails 101 | Arsenic + Old Lace

There’s a classy retro vibe we’re sensing this spring. Shaking off the winter scruff and coming out fresh-faced and glossily-coiffed. Think Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in their heyday, with all of their iconographic polished-yet-breezy warmth. Makes us wish for lush, dark, velvet-lined speakeasy


O.P. Rockwell | Park City Lux Redux

In a Wild West chock-full of outrageous and controversial characters, Utah pioneer Orrin Porter Rockwell stood nationally notorious in equal parts for his zealotry, the ready and (some would say indiscriminate) draw of his sawed-off Colt revolver, and his magnificently shaggy mien. An exceedingly


Handle | With Care

Talented, passionate, smart people win us over every damn time. And Chef Briar Handly consistently nails this tasty triumvirate to success on the daily at his hopping joint, Handle, on lower Heber Ave in Park City. We’ve had the zingy pleasure of seeing Handle


Modern Manners | At Your Service

No matter how elegant the setting, swoonworthy the food, or extensive the wine list, the staff’s service can make or break a restaurant visit. A well-executed dinner service plays out in an almost theatrical way: perfect timing, subtly choreographed presentation, and a clear introduction,


Local First | Celebrate the Bounty!

We’re COLLECTIVELY behind any campaign celebrating the Beehive State’s bodacious bounty, and we’re pleased as punch that the fine folks over at the Local First Utah have made it their priority since 2006. Supporting locally-owned businesses, artisans, farms, creators, and independent operators, Local First


Current Fish & Oyster | Adult Swim

While our Great Salty Lake is a thing of stark and buoyant beauty, this land-locked locale’s not exactly known for producing a bounty of edible aquatic cuisine. As much as we love our snowy mountains, red rock canyons and trout-rich streams, we still get


Dinner Redux | Of Course, Vol. 2

We’re COLLECTIVELY tickled to see that the fine folks at Even Stevens are hosting a Volume 2 edition of that marvelous night of nosh and philanthropy, Of Course. For only thirty-five bucks, lucky diners will enjoy a six-course meal prepared by some of our fave