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Darby Doyle aBourbonGal@gmail.com Darby Doyle is a typical Utah housewife. But to be clear, the definition only applies if the housewife you imagine home-brews on the regular, wrangles chickens and kids, makes charcuterie from the game meat she just 'brought in', and ends the day with a smokin' cocktail party for a few dozen of her closest friends. Darby's a professional historian, recovering archeologist, freelance writer, and the delicious mind behind "A Bourbon Gal in Utah" (a blog about cocktails, cookery, and domestic bad-assert written from her tiny SLC kitchen). She also happens to be our in-house gourmand and after-hours mixologist. She's been referred to as "a refreshing paradox of vulgarity and southern charm." Read any one of her fact-filled and sassy stories and you'll get the message. www.abourbongal.com
Darby Doyle

More From Darby Doyle

Utah Bike Summit | Power Cycle

In 2015, Utah ranked 5th in the nation for bike-friendly living. For those of us who ride on the regular, it’s a bittersweet acknowledgment. We’ve seen vast improvements in infrastructure and access over the past decade, and are self-admittedly COLLECTIVE suckers for any and


PJK’s Creamery | I Scream…

Yeah, yeah, we know. Utahns are legendarily cuckoo for cocopuffs over ice cream. You name it, we crave it, whether it comes scooped up in cone with rainbow sprinkles or we’re noshing it straight out of the container as we lean over the sink


Dented Brick | A Distiller’s Dream

“It’s all about the water,” says distiller Ethan Miller. “There are so many variables that play into the distilling process, but if the water doesn’t have the correct pH, or has too many chemical additives or too few minerals, it can throw off everything


A Locavore’s Guide to Gifting Food

‘Tis the season for handing off cheers and thanks to our hosts, offering tasty contributions to holiday parties, and celebrating the ones we love with intention made manifest in memorable ways. And here at CHC we couldn’t be more COLLECTIVELY ready to get in


Amour Cafe | Ah, Love

Were a place to have a positive aura made manifest, Amour Café’s envelope of good vibes could be seen from space. The cosmic equivalent of a big hug, we’re thrilled to have this snug, lively spot on our go-to list for comestibles and contentment


Cocktails 101 | Life of Poblano

“It all started when I was hanging out with another bartender and we were drinking Ancho Reyes,” said Pallet Bistro’s own Duke of Beverage (no joke, it’s on his business card) Bijan Ghiai of the iconic smoky poblano chile-infused agave liqueur and his drink


{the rest} | Embrace the Dark Side

Were Happy Valley to have a silkily sauntering, dark evil twin, she’d be broodily personified best by {the rest}. As envisioned by owner Sara Lund, this elegant and cozy underground lair provides delicious sustenance, atmospheric solace, and impeccable intoxicants for “The Rest” of us.


Cocktails 101 | The Pendennis

What is it about national elections that bring out the worst in our populace? Every four years: boorish behavior, name calling, general assholery all around. Affiliations be-damned, this makes us yearn for an across-the-board reinstatement of civility; mayhap a détente decided over drinks. The


Cocktails 101 | Cafe Brulot

Leave it to New Orleans restaurateurs to invent a drink all about outrageous and potentially dangerous spectacle. Combining caffeine and liquor with citrus and aromatics then set on fire, the Café Brûlot embraces all that’s grand, garish, and glam about The Big Easy. After


Cocktails 101 | The Martinez

Want to make a bartender’s day? Order a Martinez cocktail. It’s a classic drink that died a sad, malingering death in the US during Prohibition, mostly because its primary component—Old Tom gin—ceased production in the early 20th century and never quite recovered. Amongst booze


Make + Master | Summer School

There’s something eminently satisfying about learning a skill, tackling a project, and seeing it take shape using your own two hands and a bit of moxie. No matter the creative endeavor, it’s undeniably, soul-quenchingly affirmative to get shit done and make a tangible product.


Cocktails 101 | Aviation

There are few things more annoying, hell, let’s face it, more soul-sucking than modern commercial air travel. The shuffling be-sweatpants’d hordes clutching ratty pillows. The forced disrobing under TSA’s watchful eyes. And–when sitting in anything rear of the first-class blue curtains–the fetid haze of