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Corigan Kushma corigan@cityhomecollective.com 435.770.8783 Corigan has landed in our circle with a background laden in travel and varied efforts. A former wild-land firefighter/model/archeologist, among other things, she attained a real estate license as a direct result of interest in real estate law. A certified negotiations expert, Corigan wields a good bit of COLLECTIVE clout, but we’re also smitten with her passion for historic preservation, adaptive re-use, and sustainable building practices. A top producing agent, her vast catalog of skills can be reduced to a savvy ability to identify with client needs, be they in residential or commercial capacities. Translation: smooth, seasoned sailing for your transaction.
Corigan Kushma

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The Life Cycle of “Home”

The life cycle of our homes and spaces is as natural as growth itself. We all have need for a suitable place to live, and the real estate market is something of a wild ride that’s affected by myriad factors the world over. But


The Urge to Purge | Keep it Clear

Stuff. We’ve all got it, we’re all buying it, we’re all trying to get rid of it. And yet, somehow, we have an innate desire to acquire more. Sure, we can point a finger at the depression era…our grandmothers have two refrigerators, each filled


St. Mary’s | Mid-Mod Majesty

List Price: 1,400,000.00  1,150,000.00 Neighborhood: Foothill Property Profile: 4,738 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: This here is one of those only-of-its-kind numbers–a well-preserved, mid-century home in the coveted St. Mary’s neighborhood, with enough high-end updates to scream “modern” and all the well-crafted fun of


Life In Your Space | Right at Home

If you’re in the market for a city casa with some off-the-beaten-path style, we’ve got a mighty fine opportunity coming your way in the not-too-distant future. Here, you’ll find yourself taking in downtown‘s salty glow from the privacy of your own rural-y outdoor space,


Life in Your Space | On Coatsville

The good citizens of SLC are our favorite people. They’re the folks that live within the walls of the fantastic homes we peddle, and they’ve taken such care in said spaces, we can’t help but show them off. When you put real (and personal)


Notes from an Architect…

We’ve been singing the praises of mid-century architecture for a while, now. We looove when we get the chance to showcase great architectural examples both large and small, and we love it even more when we get to show these gems off as our


Passive Solar | What’s to Come

In our COLLECTIVE opinion, the terms “green” and “sustainable” are more than buzzwords. Neither should be applied to any situation in which their meaning is used “loosely,” nor do we see the effort as a short-lived trend. It stands to reason, then, that we


The Whole Enchilada | Taylor Derrick

You know all about our love of Salt Lake City. And you know we have eeeendless love for our clients. And, undoubtedly, you know how we feel about real estate and design. Imagine, then, for a moment, that those four glorious things all collide.


Basalt Day Spa | Volcanic Ensemble

We love us some 9th & 9th, but venture just a few blocks west, and the corner of 900 S and 400 E is quickly becoming one of our new favorite ‘hoods. In recent years (and even months), this little spot has become quite


Life in Your Space | St. Mary’s Mid-Mod

We’re a tad obsessed with the interaction that happens between people and space, in general…but the people and space you see below are downright fascinating to us. The Chamberlain clan is unique as they come–a bright, lively, colorful, tremendously stylish gang, to say the least.


Rental | Way Up on Fardown

Price: $5,500.00/month Neighborhood: Holladay Property Profile: 4,500 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: You know we looove to pair people with places, right? You know all about our belief that for each unique human there is an equally unique space–one that’s meant to support them perfectly, be it


It’s All Bueno | Life in Your Space

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d really love to live in a little cottage, perched in the midst of the the peace-n-quiet of the country, at the end of a little dirt road.” But then, immediately following that, you corrected yourself with a