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Corigan Kushma corigan@cityhomecollective.com Corigan Kushma has landed in our circle with a background laden in travel and varied efforts. A former wild-land firefighter/construction worker/model/actress/archeologist, among other things, she attained a real estate license as a direct result of interest in real estate law. As an oil-painting artist who wields a surfboard as adeptly as she does a paintbrush, we think she fits quite nicely into our blended COLLECTIVE. Her vast catalog of skills can be neatly reduced to a savvy ability to identify with any and all clients. Translation: smooth, seasoned sailing to loving where you live.
Corigan Kushma

More From Corigan Kushma

Wasatch Eco-Mow | Now You Know

One of our favorite COLLECTIVE clients [and a spectacular local altogether], Mike Hornung, is back at it. Spring done sprung, and he’s on a bit of a quest to make SLC beautiful one space at a time. We’ve touched on his talents before when


At a Crossroads

List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: 9th & 9th Property Profile: 1,723 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: We’re charmed by this little abode. Right at a neighborhood crossroads of Sugar House and 9th & 9th [and very near 15th & 15th], it’s seated


Life in Your Space | Coming Soon

If you’ve ever wandered down 1300 S, maybe during a nice stroll to Liberty Heights Fresh for a baguette or some such thing, you may have noticed this enchanting little abode just down the street. It’s Toby’s place. Toby Putnam is a quality breed


Old English Perfection

List Price: 3,685,000.00 Neighborhood: Holladay Property Profile: 12,753 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 9 bath Our Opinion: Stunning, gated, Old-English Tudor estate perched supremely on over two acres of land [with adjoining 1 acre parcel available]? You’ve got our attention. This expansive and private


U.F.C. | Cross Pollination

If you aren’t already huge fans of the Utah Film Center, you’re about to be. The UFC has been fighting the good fight for cultural experience and community building here in Salt Lake since 2002. With so many opting to just stay at home


The Draw at Sugar House

Nature-meets-metropolis is a winning idea, especially when you consider our phenomenal surroundings. Really, it speaks to who we are — an active and healthy bunch, striving for a more cohesive relationship with the outdoors, all the time [right? 'Cause if not, we should be].


Hathenbruck | Hot Damn

Plenty of us down here in the ‘valley’ like to make the occasional short trek up the canyon to Park City for a little shop and stroll in the high mountain air. As most know, the shopping in P.C. ranges from fancy [think diamonds


Salt Air | Rise & Rally

We really have the world here in our little valley, friends. Towering, breathtaking mountains. Unique and strangely beautiful lakes. The barren, ghostly desert of the Salt Flats and deep, trout-filled rivers flowing down our ridiculously amazing [and plentiful] canyons. We have an extremely diverse


CUAC | Critical Mass

The contemporary art scene is flourishing in Salt Lake City, thanks to a myriad of good humans and resolute artists. For the record, we’re jazzed as hell about it. Much of the ‘thanks’ for this can be directly straight to local artist, Adam Bateman,


State of the City | Salt Air

Many of us may feel relatively helpless in regards to our city’s air-quality problems. Warranted enough, but all is not lost. We’ve got two bits of happy news. 1) SLC has a bad-ass for a Mayor, and 2) he’s tossing out some actual solutions


Capitol Hill Const. | Good Neighbor

Take a little winter walk down 100 South, between 8th and 9th East, and you’ll find an intriging and curious space tucked neatly between homes and apartment buildings. It’s historic in form, but bright clean modernism shines through the big storefront windows. Tough to


The Weekenders | Lava Love

The Weekenders | Part I | Lava Hot Springs We whole-heartedly love living in our city. You know this. But we can’t forget one of the most important reasons why we live here; it’s hella easy to get out. Utah is one of the