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Chari Maddox chari@cityhomecollective.com 801.588.9391 Chari Maddox hails from the neighboring territory of Idaho, where she procured a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boise State--graduating cum laude, no less--before migrating to our salty slice of America. A sincere curiosity for understanding those around her and creating spaces that shape the way they feel has landed Chari squarely in the business we so love. For our COLLECTIVE, she’ll be acting as more than an agent...with more than a dozen personal home rehabs, Chari is well equipped to breathe new life into worn-out spaces with a respectful nod to the preservation of their respective histories.
Chari Maddox

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Adonis Drive | A Godly Remodel

List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Olympus Cove Property Profile: 7,875 sq. ft. | 5 beds, 4.5 bath Our Opinion: You know Adonis was the Greek God of desire and beauty, right? Yes, yes…we’re glad. That knowledge will come in handy when you note the top-to-bottom style of


Adonis | We’re On This

Well, this is exciting. A cityhomeCOLLECTIVE remodel is a rare thing, indeed, and this particular bit of effort is lending itself to some real magic. It’s still early in the process, but what you see in the photos below is undeniably coming together in