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Candace Mau candace@cityhomecollective.com 801.389.6667 Candace Mau is a mystifying blend of unwavering work ethic, wanderlust, and wide-eyed optimism. Equal parts problem solver, human connector, and friendly collaborator, Candace has aces up both sleeves and a few in her proverbial hat. Nearly a decade in the real-estate game and wielding a broker’s license since 2012, she’s achieved deft status; a doggedly persistent personality coupled with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and geography makes for a readily winning hand. Candace revels in communication and holds dearly the concept of “home”. That permanent smile is authentic, but don’t be fooled--an astute skill for negotiating is the walk to her talk, and she’s ever equal to the extra mile.
Candace Mau

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5th Street | Terrifically Sweet

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Ogden Property Profile: 1,207 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: All the warm ‘n’ cozies of this casa have been evenly smoothed over one, neat level, so you can get to all the goodness real easy-like. We’ll start with


Magic on Madison | Ogden

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Ogden Property Profile: 2,852 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 3 bath Our Opinion: This Victorian is what we all aspire to be when we grow up: well-aged, updated, and always up for entertaining. If that timeless exterior weren’t enough to reel you


Hooper Home | Room to Roam

 List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Hooper Property Profile: 2,198 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2.5 bath Our Opinion: If you can imagine being perfectly at home, both inside and out, then this be your place. From the graceful entry to the vaulted ceilings (spot of tea, perhaps?), there’s


Northern De-Lights

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Ogden Property Profile: 3,364 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 2.75 bath Our Opinion: Sometimes we get the opportunity to help our own families move on to pastures they deem a touch greener. Today, it’s “mom” (no, really)…and said pastures are waiting for her in


Town House | Modern Love

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Farmington Property Profile: 2,653 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 3.5 bath Our Opinion: This lovely little place on Rice Road is oh-so-close to Station Park (the shops! The restaurants!), just a quick freeway zip to downtown SLC, and very near the mountains


Central City Sanctuary

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Central City Property Profile: 1,672 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This solid craftsman is ideally located, so those who love the idea of a highly walkable living situation are in luck. A fall-time jaunt to Trolley Square,


On A Mission | Get Home

List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Glendale Property Profile: 1,600 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This abode’s location on Mission Road may seem coincidental…but those in pursuit of “home” will know better. It’s an adorable, brick number with an aim to impress


Ogden Duplex | Taylor Made

List Price: Off Market Neighborhood: Ogden  Property Profile: 2,822 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: Get a load o’ this number. Investment not far from home and in a city that recently got some pret-ty high marks by Sunset Magazine. Yes, ma’ams and sirs…folks are catching


Davis County Dreamboat

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Layton Property Profile: 2,862 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This rambler isn’t only facing the right way (west, mind you), but it’s squarely placed in a cul-de-sac for the requisite safety of neighborhood shindigs and big wheel races, alike.


501 E 41st Street

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: South Ogden  Property Profile: 1,748 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: This cozy, blue beauty has some mighty big charm in the form of detailed wood work, rounded moldings, and warm honey wood floors, to start. Roomy gathering spaces inside (two


Place of Worship | Cover to Cover

Driving up Historic 25th Street in Ogden, there are more than a few cinematic landmarks to draw your eye. The stately Union Station standing sentinel at the westernmost end, a handful of darling shops boasting original signage, the Federal Building, Amphitheater, and enigmatic Ben


Life in Your Space | Madison Ave.

You’ve yet to see this number on the site, so count yourself lucky to have noticed this teaser. Ogden is making a number of strides in a number of ways, and this Victorian remodel in the historic district is no exception. No better way