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Brian Tripoli brian@cityhomecollective.com 801.809.9804 Brian Tripoli is trust and integrity exemplified. With well over a decade of real estate savoir-faire under his belt--new construction, investment properties, and short sales among the lot--this resolute consultant has got somewhat of a vantage at our COLLECTIVE. A keen believer in the importance of listening, his knack for connecting with folks from all walks of life is uncanny, to be sure. Brian's client-focused approach and old-fashioned real-estate pluck lend themselves quite nicely to a thorough and efficient home buying/selling process. All told, an agent with a meritable chunk of experience and the patient persistence to see your transaction to perfect end.
Brian Tripoli

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Roosevelt | R&R

List Price: Sold Neighborhood: Sugar House Property Profile: 1,519 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: She was built in 1907 and painted a baby blue, but she’s grown up and shed her merry colors since then for something more understated and tasteful.


On Roosevelt | A Teaser…

We found this little gem tucked not far from Liberty Park and knew right away it was the perfect place for good friends and tasty drinks. Naturally then, we recruited the expertise of our fab Darby Doyle to concoct a drink fit for the


The Weekenders | High On Zion

Our very first installment of The Weekenders saw us enjoying the toasty pools and small-town charm of Lava Hot Springs. But the magic of nearby escapes doesn’t stop there. For the second chapter in our series, we aimed our sights south. To the land


R&R BBQ | A Meaty Thanks

Used to be, when someone had a hankering for some fall-off-the-bone ribs or bitchin’ braised brisket, you had to go all the way to Texas or someplace to find said tender meats. Not so these days. Say hello to R&R Barbeque, located right here


New Brew | Epic Stuff

We were asked to check in on the latest/seasonal brews recently released by Epic Brewery; two hours into the tour [and without breakfast], and we were all, like, “I love you, man” to every dude on the premises. For those who don’t know [where


Local First | Spend Shift

This Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday will obviously see hoards of shoppers shoving each other down in aisle 5 in order to secure their spot in line with a 120″ television for $25. If we have anything


Oh, RubySnap!

COLLECTIVELY, we’re a bit divided when it comes to our love for the muffin. Even the cupcake [the muffin’s prissy little cousin] fails to capture our universal affection. But when it comes to the cookie, ain’t no foolin’; we get soft and gooey on


Sugar House Libations

We cityhomeCOLLECTIVE-ites tend to crush pretty hard on our local entrepreneurs fighting to make a go of it. When it comes to the threesome at Sugar House Libations, we’re actually towing the line of a stalker. Saw ‘em at the Farmer’s Market…smitten ever since. Can’t


We Celebrated the Bounty

Hey, kids, here’s a recipe for cooking up an amazing dinner party: take 600 gorgeous and ravenous ‘foodies’, add bites from some of Salt Lake’s most intrepid gourmands, sprinkle a dash of live music, and let the whole damn mix simmer in a landmark


Women in Architecture

Recently, we were asked to open our COLLECTIVE lounge doors and host the first annual anniversary social for W.I.A., a local organization charged with educating, mentoring and advocating for women in architecture here in Salt Lake. Our reply was an enthusiastic, “yes,” and the