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Andrea Beecher andrea@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com Andrea Beecher makes mountains of mole hills, the translation here being more literal than metaphorical. She’s drawn irresistibly to design, with a focus on the viscera. All roads, educational and recreational, have directed Andrea to a life of the motif. Interior design degree, corporate floorsets, movie-set design; cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is the next logical step in the forward-thinking climb in design for Andrea. Auspicious clients, you.
Andrea Beecher

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Dreamy Dream | Design Side

 Bottom line: I’m smitten with my job, ever in the midst of a happy dance. I get the all-too-frequent honor of helping people create the space they dream of. Most recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Forest Seaman [of DFS Construction]


Saint Cloud | Love Where You Work

There really is no shortage of amazing things happening in our city, be they in the world of design, food, art, or film production. Helping these artists create a landing pad for their respective crafts is just one of many reasons I’ve stuck around


Millstream O.G. | A Teaser

1. Walnut wood flooring and cabinetry. Atop a terrazzo-type tile floor, sleek custom walnut cabinetry with floating shelves and open shelving in the island. To coordinate, walnut wood flooring in the sunken living room. Yup. Sunken living room. Keep reading… 2. Stainless Artichoke lamp. The perfect


Spitz | *Drool*

As we are COLLECTIVELY movin’ and shakin’ up this fine city of ours with grand design, we keep in mind one of our primary goals: to create spaces that we want to hang out in. We’ll take our good grub in a rad atmosphere


Back to Roots | Modern Mix

Kevin and Carol Root made their way to the city of salt [by way of Seattle and San Francisco] due to some scrumptious work opportunities. In the past, their homes had a tendency to lean toward traditional, craftsman-inspired smaller spaces. But after settling into


Spitz Design

For those yet to experience the joy of a döner kebob, you should know that Spitz is officially open for bidness on Broadway [more to come on that in a couple o' weeks]. In the mean time, you should also know that we had


Salon O | Design Fini

Falecia Wilson, owner of Salon O and all-around stand up chick, has been in the beauty industry for a staggeringly-solid two decades [that’s since 1994 for all you non-mathletes]. Her love affair with the beauty industry began when she started her career as a


Staging Sells

There’s an easy way for sellers to compete in a buyer’s market, folks. Simply, show the space to its greatest potential via staging. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE staging services are the surefire answer to this. Fact: buyers tend to stay in a vacant property for an average


Keller Williams | Oh, So Complete

We’re finally able to reveal the completed design of the long-awaited Keller Williams space that abides in the newly-refurbished Granite Furniture Building in Sugar House. For one, it’s pretty damned exciting to see the neighborhood coming to life after years of stagnation. There’s a


6 & 9 | Good Design

The Avenues is one of the best little nooks of our fair city. There’s the walkability to great shops, spas, coffee, and restaurants. It doesn’t feel the loud bustle of the city, but it still allows you to be in the heart of it


Cozy Nook | Grab a Book

Everyone needs a space to retreat from the grind of daily life. A good spot for curling up with a book, a little relaxation and meditation, or a touch of alone time. Life as a 3-year old can be tough; precisely why I was asked


Instantly Framed | Local App

Last-minute gift idea here! Instantly Framed is a locally-created [!] phone app that’s making us beam with pride for SLC-born ideas. In a nutshell, it allows you to upload your Facebook, Instagram, and iPhone photos for professional printing and framing. Just whip your phone