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Andrea Beecher info@cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com 801.718.5555 Andrea Beecher makes mountains of mole hills, the translation here being more literal than metaphorical. She’s drawn irresistibly to design, with a focus on the viscera. All roads, educational and recreational, have directed Andrea to a life of the motif. Interior design degree, corporate floorsets, movie-set design; cityhomeCOLLECTIVE is the next logical step in the forward-thinking climb in design for Andrea. Auspicious clients, you.

More From Andrea Beecher

Smith Design Project | Pillow Talk

Often times, our design projects don’t seem like ‘work.’ That is to say, helping someone craft their own perfect space can be as fun as it is fulfilling, and ultimately, the reward outweighs the effort. And then very occasionally, you collaborate so beautifully with


Place of Worship | Marmalade Modern

Quoth Eileen Gray: “A house is not a machine to live in. It is a shell of a man, his extension, his release, his spiritual emanation. Not only its visual harmony, but its organization as a whole, the whole work combined together, make it


Tire Town | Sublime Design

When Hollie and Sean Strasburg bought their loft in the Tire Town building, they knew immediately that they wanted to bring the space back to its industrial roots. Built in 1925 to house the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, this gorgeous red-brick building is


Design High on Milo

When we were enlisted by Leeah and Seth Dahle to help with the rebuild of a newly-purchased ranch house in the Holladay neighborhood, we were equal parts honored and thrilled. The initial plans for a rework read ambitiously, to say the least. The two


Columbus Court Design | Now & Zen

Each client has their own unique story–their own personality and lifestyle. As a designer, it’s my job to listen, collaborate, and learn. And then create a sublime space that suits them perfectly. Ritesh, a cardiologist who grew up in New York, and whose family is


Metro Textural

cityhomeCOLLECTIVE clients, Scott and Kim, are avid lovers of a life in the city. Having lived in the heart of other (larger) metropolitan cities, it was paramount to them that they have a similar experience in SLC. Naturally, then, when they found their Metro


A Proper Paste-Up | CHC Design

When our design team was contacted by Brian and Krisha Bateman, they told us two certainties: they wanted a mid-century modern home in a great neighborhood with amazing views, and they wanted to restore it with their own capable hands. It became a reality


6 & 9 | The Perfect Palette

If you’ve taken a smooth cruise down 9th Ave anytime in the last eight months or so [or if you read this post about the project in progress], then you’ve likely taken notice that there’s a new addition on the north side of the


A COLLECTIVE Tale | We Do That, Too

Ooooh, the Jensens. We heart Brad and Valerie Jensen for a healthy handful of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they love us back. They settled into their new duds back in November of 2013, thanks to the scouting efforts of


Dreamy Dream | Design Side

 Bottom line: I’m smitten with my job, ever in the midst of a happy dance. I get the all-too-frequent honor of helping people create the space they dream of. Most recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Forest Seaman [of DFS Construction]


Saint Cloud | Love Where You Work

There really is no shortage of amazing things happening in our city, be they in the world of design, food, art, or film production. Helping these artists create a landing pad for their respective crafts is just one of many reasons I’ve stuck around


Millstream O.G. | A Teaser

1. Walnut wood flooring and cabinetry. Atop a terrazzo-type tile floor, sleek custom walnut cabinetry with floating shelves and open shelving in the island. To coordinate, walnut wood flooring in the sunken living room. Yup. Sunken living room. Keep reading… 2. Stainless Artichoke lamp. The perfect